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Children in Need


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(No, this isn't spam)

Is any one doing any thing for Children in Need this year?

Do you know wtf Children in need is?


I'm usually amazed at some of the content that the BBC come up with for Children in Need. Last year it was Amarillo (video by Peter Kay) that was the big thing and the Little Britain special (which I actually tried to buy on DVD but couldn't due to it been sold out every where). Any thoughts?

The adverts for Children in Need also pretty damn good:

http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=...442658935961759 (staring Terry Wogan)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc0jpLcZDF8 (also staring Terry Wogan)

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We get these really annoying commercials on TV where you see some really sad african kid that we're being told is in dire need of a helping hand.

They end the commercial with "Give! For this child", and I'm like "Well, what about the other 50 billion AIDS-infected kids"? Guess they don't matter, eh?

There was another commercial about a group that focusses on helping pets in war-torn areas of the world... FUCKING PETS!

They're blowing up hospitals and schools, raping babies and drinking their blood, which is all fine and dandy, but don't forget about those poor, innocent pets these people had, yet abandoned because they thought staying alive just might make a wee bit more sense.

I live in a fairly religious area of .NL yet I'm a hardline atheïst. When I was over at my parents' (same town) they showed me a letter a church sent to all the homes in the vacinity. They asked if you would support the church by making a donation. My mom is a bit religious, and she figured a one-off donation wouldn't hurt, so she kept reading. Turns out that if you want to donate, just giving a sum of your own choosing won't do. No, you have to give them 5% of your total income, some percent of that per child under 15 in the home, some percent of those childern's income if they were over 15 and thus eligable for paid work, etc.. Just for kicks we did the math on that one. My mom was willing to give them something between 50 and 100 bucks. By their 'take it or leave it' rules she would have to cough up in excess of $5000. Needless to say, that letter got dumped.

I'm generous when it comes to tipping and otherwise paying for services rendered, but there's no way I'm giving money to someone without seeing a direct way in which that would benefit me.

I guess the best example was when I went to a concert, and parked in this really big garage. As I was walking out towards the venue some bum standing near the paying machine for that garage asked me if I was going to a concert. I say yeah and he explains to me that if I get my parking ticket paid right now, using option this and that and that on the machine, I can get a big discount on the parking fee. Saved me 5 euros then and there. Gave him one for the help, and walked on to the venue as he talked to the next visitor. I'm sure he made a fortune that evening, and saved those other visitors a nice amount aswell. Win-win.

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We get them here too, but only on all the channels aren't the BBC. The BC do, how ever, run segments explaining where your money goes when you give to children in need. They are essentially the same, but with out all the branding and the money been wasted (it's a fact, exacly 0% of the money raised goes to the BBC or pay for the children in need event).

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I really haven't seen any of those commercials in a long time. Now everything on tv here is all prescription drugs for some STD and for some sex hot-line for young singles in the urban area. Talk about quality American programming. I think i'm going to move to Europe. :D

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