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  1. get freeproxy from hand crafted software and configre it just make sure you have a network in place and as a positive it's more flexable that windows crappy internet sharing and you have the ability to passowrd protect the proxy which is a positive if you are running a wifi network and if it get's owned it's hard for theme to leach the net as you can set no standard ports for the proxy and again passowrd protection. for the cons you will need to dedicate a comp for it
  2. i have done this already by giving each file a full control attribute and un-checked read only and still the problem continues
  3. Hi i have just set up a wamp server using webserev v1.3.0.0 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/webserv/) with apache-2.2.3 ActivePerl- adodb-4.93a mysql-5.0.27 openssl-0.9.8d php-5.2.0 phpMyAdmin-2.9.1 and others the problem is there are many script which require me to chmod a directory too 777 or 755 etc. for example File Upload Manager (http://www.mtnpeak.net/). i have searched documentation and i have not come across any way's where this can be done i have also tried applying windows security for folder such as applying full control (read-write-execute-delete-etc) to all
  4. lol so true the funniest thing is the fact that all or a large portion of the added features can be found in firefox extensions or as standard any for me i'm a total firefox convert, i'm even using it now off my usb drive :D
  5. its time to upgrade... to ADSL2++ :P im also with tpg 24000/1000 $50-60 a month cant remember unlimited but shaped at 30 gig... shaped to 128/128 your on an old ADSL plan, free upgrade essentially yeah im thinking about getting about adsl 2+ with iinet any one have any feedbacK?? and also the main or one of the reason australia is behind the internet speeds boom is telstra, they are charging isp premium to use their owned exchanges but luckly some companys are installing their own dslam. sigh i wish i had a fibre channel and telstra was privatized and/or dead from their competator's
  6. Spartain X


    i'm runnng fedora right now it's good for beginners and the 5 cd's are well worth, comes with a tone of software but i would recommend trying ubuntu aswell
  7. dude learn to use the meterpreter it the most powerful payload but for quick work the vnc payload is good.
  8. i live in ballarat during the colder months it's a one extreme to a another kinda place in the summer it hot as hell and in winter it snows a little. no offense taken im only living here for uni, i live in warrnambool the rest of the time. Thank everyone that been a grate help to btw :D good luck on ya mobo and like some one before said you can never have too much storage i have 250 + 160 +120 + a couple of 8ogb or less attached to my pc either through a case or inside the box
  9. Spartain X


    Personally I have no interest in doing something like that. But what is described here looks reversable and only affects Windows XP. So it shouldn't cause many problems, the odds of breaking a computer with that seems low. but have you taken into consideration of people dual booting a solution such as that could screw up the dual booting config and as a batch file i would be practically impossible to create as it does not handle text editing well i.e. take left or right functions or strip characters or text away etc any way i think it's just a bad idea any way whatever like i said he's the pro
  10. true true i bet you there are thousands of abbreviation for RE
  11. i had a comp's mother board fry and all the capacitors tops burst and electrolytes spread every where and the case still has the smell and you can slightly smell it in the room that was on one hot summer
  12. that's a funny thing i had a old computer once and for i was setting it up it had power connect but was not booted up i accidentally touched the speaker connect cable to the cases mobo back panel and for some strange reason i could pick up radio signals just one fixed channel but it still freaks me out t the day no bull shit i think it made a point contact diode and made a simple radio i was covered once on myth busters .. *sigh*
  13. ay men and should be killed slow and painfully industrial espionage maybe??
  14. that is the best solution and does not take as much resources but Norton ghost is useful for over network recovery's if that is a image available over the lan. currently i am studying for a mcse/mcsa and it seems as the sysprep unattended method works best
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