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SFTP keeps disconnecting

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Winscp did even a worser job, couldn't even reach 1%, it nearly instantly gave a "Host is not communicating for more than 15 seconds. Still waiting"

And this is over ethernet, it did aswell the same result over wireless

Putty, SSH all works fine... but transfering files ? oh noo

The file I'm trying to transfer is 36,288 KB


Edit: woow I disabled the infusion "RandomRoll" and all the sudden it started transfering the file :huh:

Even did a reboot just to be sure... first it didn't download the file at all just 0%, disabled RandomRoll infusion, boom transfering and completed it

Somebody should look into that infusion to see wth is going on
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I experience the same but it is not related to this infusion but more likely to the load you put on the pineapple. Did you check your logs? In my case the usb-device has hick-ups when transferring big files on a fast network when under load.

You can try to limit the download speed in WinSCP, this helps for me (and off course apply the suggestion made by WinSCP: turn of the optimization of the buffer size).

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