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  1. A bit of googling showed that it seems to be a clock signal that old keyboards don't bother with. Not sure if this clock signal is sent, or how practical it would be to add it to the firmware(s).
  2. You could also try the European reseller in future too, but they don't have the Nano in stock at the moment. https://edutech-hakshop.myshopify.com/
  3. Actually, the other solution in that post stream is to install the Realtek drivers, as they aren't part of El Capitan. This is why the turtle doesn't show up.
  4. Once you know which interface is the Lan Turtle (if in doubt, unplug it, run ifconfig as above, replug and run ifconfig again, new interface is the Turtle) run dhclient (or Mac Equivalent) on the interface. Failing that, give it a static IP of (netmask and try again.
  5. Which interface is the lan turtle? It looks like you need to actual give the turtle's interface an IP address.
  6. The turtle did have issues with load drivers for certain versions of OSX. Can you post the following extra info: What version of OSX you are running. Example output from ifconfig / ipconfig / whatever OSX uses and an indication which adapter is the turtle. Can you ping the turtle? Have you tried plugging in the turtle via the ethernet cable to the laptop you are trying to access it from?
  7. What keyboard layout are you using?
  8. p0f does passive fingerprinting. So the windows 10 machine would need to generate the traffic. Also, you might want to try some of the other scan types such as Xmas tree and Fin. You could also try the nmap man page, and go through each can type to see if anything gives a better result. Bear in mind, that sometimes firewalls are completely closed off and another avenue is required.
  9. Should there be any open ports? Sounds like the firewall is doing it's job.
  10. Have you also considered the European Reseller? https://edutech-hakshop.myshopify.com/
  11. So how do we donate? I can have a check of my Mk4 later today.
  12. Range and licensing are just general issues. Make sure 470 Mhz is legal in your area.
  13. I'm going to assume you have a full duplex SDR, The Wifi standards you mention are at set frequencies, but I can going assume you want to want to do certain things that wifi does, Do you want to broadcast beacons and have people connect, using the methods that Wifi can employ, such as WPA, or do you just want to transfer data? If it's the later, and you want a point to point link type set up, GNU Radio is capable of transmitting / receiveing tcp/ip over radio. (See the networking tools section).
  14. In that case, check out the link I posted, and see if it works.
  15. Have a look at this: http://poshcode.org/2945
  16. What platform / language are you using for this? Edit: Sorry, initialy missed the windows bit. But what version of windows do you want it for?
  17. The Yardstick one is a tool. It has it's limitations, and it also has it's benefits. What are you trying to do with it (other than just use GQRX,which you could just use with an rtl-sdr).
  18. When you start GQRX, what are the build in sources? Are they like this: built-in source types: file osmosdr fcd rtl rtl_tcp uhd miri hackrf bladerf rfspace airspy Note the absence of the yardstick one, as it is not a SDR, so may well not be supported.
  19. You might also want to check the dhcp config file too. You might be giving out the wrong dns server and router.
  20. Do you have to use Wireshark? Would Network miner not be more beneficial for this?
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