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MrGray is back! Probably going to make some plugins and so forth.


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I've been insanely busy and been having health issues..

Plus i kind got bored with the Pineapple i've had mine since the Mark IV to the Mark V all together i own three two are Mark V's but after non stop using it for over a year back then doing coding and so on and helping the community which i didn't mind at all but it was like a Video Game so to speak i got addicted to it haha.
But i'm back now! Don't know for how long but yup, feel free to PM me or reply on the post.
And sorry all you guys 'also girls i know they are on here as well lol' but for leaving so long and if i missed your questions and requests and keeping up with the Gallery post i made and not responding to your requests to add them and so on.

I have to catch up with everything which shouldn't take to long.
I'm legally trying to track down a impersonator Government Agent also is impersonating as a Police Officer.
I know there's people who work with the Government on here even people in the Army but they use this as well it's a good tool to have.
But i'm building up evidence on this person then handing over all the information i can get on this person to the Local U.S Government Marines so they can get it to a Agent as high priority since its a felony to impersonate any type of Government services and the people that i'm giving the info to i'm sure they're going to hate this person, they risk they're lives for us and a person is faking to be them to get money scams and so forth is wrong they are dumb*sses to fake being them.

So yeah working on that haha.

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don't know how we even went on without you.

Haha, nice one Foxtrot. Good hearing from you also!

People can't survive without me, i've been here the whole time :ph34r:



Sorry guys I had a noob moment and posted in the wrong section.. 'To many pills makes me be a zombie' Yes I'm proscribed to take them btw.

But they fixed it and not yelled at me, thank you! :D

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