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net shared via eth0 (dhcp)


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Hi all, ive read a few of the forums and found the topic below, but it didnt work.


What i want is to be able to use the Pinapple (on latest FW) to plug into a network (wired) which will lease an IP to eth0 via DHCP.

Then I want the pinapple to lease my clients (laptop ect) an internal ip via another DHCP pool served out from the pinapple.

If i use the CLIENT mode on the pinapple it just relays the DHCP from the main router, through the pinapple and to my laptop.

I then cant access the pinapple.

Any help would be appriciated.


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Yea being able to deploy somewhere new via ethernet and still have both radios (but have it DHCP the std 172.16.42.X), IMO should be high on the firmware todo list.

At home I currently have a second port on my soekris net6501 @ giving my pineapple a small DHCP range via pfSense.

FYI I purchased this "HAME Unlocked 21.6Mbps 3G Modem Router Support SIM Card Hotspot Router HSPA+" from ebay.


It also is configured the same way as home, plus it has an internal sim slot, rechargeable 5200mah battery and can also charges devices via usb. (does a bunch of other std router stuff to, so not bad for the price)

Maybe something the hakshop.com could resell to help make the warehouse bad ass & bring in more cool shit like http://www.tekthing.com

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We are looking into it. To be honest, it depends on the client connecting.

When I use ICS, I get an IP from the Pineapple, but some other devices get it from the router. Sounds like a race condition or routing issue to me.

We'll make sure that it's fixed and give an option to allow DHCP passthrough.

Best Regards,


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