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Help me develop this infusion


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Hey guys! As you may know I develop infusions and recently I took one of my oldest infusions out of the bar because it wasn't working right. I'm talking about SMSer.

The way the old version of SMSer works was by sending a text message to an email address and then SMSer would parse the email and get keywords from it to execute commands. The problem with that was all carriers did things a little differently, some would base64 encode the message, other wouldn't, and some would change what they did (go from not encoding to encoding). It became a nightmare to support so I took it down from the bar.

I am ready to try again at this infusion and this time do it right! SMSer 3.0 will do SMS over usb modems that you plug into your pineapple! SInce its actually SMS and not MMS there won't be any parsing I have to do and it will work for all carriers without a ton of headache on my part!

What I am asking of the hak5 community is for a donation of a modem or some money so I can buy modems to test. My goal is to have tested a lot of the supported modems on the mkV so I can have any and all issues worked out before the infusion is re-released to the Pineapple Bar.

All donors will get there name in the infusion as well as access to beta version of the infusion!

Currently if you want to help me out you can donate using PayPal. I will be setting up a P.O. Box so that modems could be sent directly to me as well!

Donate With Paypal

All money donated will go to helping me buy modems and pay for their service :)

For those of you who do not have a modem to use with your pineapple don't feel left out! I will also be doing integration with google voice so you can text your google voice number to control the pineapple the same way that people with modems would text their modem!

Pretty much all of the supported modems are on my wish list

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i have clear USB wifi hot spot Voyager They Work pretty good in the field I have two One I dont use anymore Would that help?

Is it a wireless hotspot or usb modem?

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newbi3, The Clear dongle is a Wi-MAX transceiver. Works with the Clear wireless covered areas.

Thanks! Unfortunately they have very spotty coverage where I am located at.

Just for full transparency since people have donated. I haven't yet started working on this project. My work schedule has gotten super busy since I initially created this thread. Things are starting to get back to normal speed now so in about a month I will have time to get back to pineapple development. This infusion will probably be ready around con season

(july-august time).

Thanks to all of you who have donated :) I really appreciate it!

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I would like to understand what you are trying to accomplish...

Send out a message full of commands? On the other side this message will be read and commands executed?

Pretty much, I had an old version that did it over MMS but it was insanely difficult to parse and get the actual message out of. New version will be doing it over actual SMS with a modem plugged into the pineapple.

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Maybe there are other options for outbound, irc bot? Ftp? Https?

Good suggestions, foxtrot made a irc one a while ago (I'm not sure what happened to it). Definitely open to the ftp and http control. I will bake that in.

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