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  1. I am having the same issue. Seems like a limitation of layer 3 perhaps. I can see all the wired connections though my vpn client gateway but none of the wireless. This weekend I will add a usb ethernet adapter to my raspberry pi (that is what is running openvpn client gateway to my VPS) and run layer 2 over a bridge.
  2. I completely agree. I just updated it to work with kali and stuck it up on github to get others involved in making it better with more functions etc. I'm not new at BASH scripting but it's been a while and am far from an expert. Any contributions to the script from the community would only make it better. Thanks for your input!
  3. I didn't write the script. I just edited the commands to work with Kali vs. Backtrack.
  4. Try http://wp.me/p479Vp-1p instead. Thanks Cooper for letting me know. Figured it out.
  5. I was able to successfully view the link. What error are you receiving?
  6. A while back Em3rgency from Top-Hat-Sec created a script that worked in BackTrack. I recently modified it to work in Kali. Check it out for your Fake AP pleasure. Check out my blog for the script at http://goo.gl/UFYMg3 http://wp.me/p479Vp-1p instead. Let me know if you run into any problems running it.
  7. I figure someone (me maybe?) will figure out a problem with how the new SSL is implemented and controled. Think POODLE. That's probably a good start.
  8. Yes, you just need to put the ethernet interfaces on the same subnet (static). Then enable ipv4 forwarding on Pineapple B. There are other ways to do this, I figured this would point you in the right direction.
  9. newbi3, The Clear dongle is a Wi-MAX transceiver. Works with the Clear wireless covered areas.
  10. Whistle Master, Any chance on upgrading to the new version of sslstrip. It now supports HSTS stripping!! YAY.
  11. I can probably make one. I have a script setup (command line) than automatically connects to my VPS via OpenVPN as a failover if my autossh connection doesn't work. I will start working on an infusion but it will take me quite a while because of my schedule. Let me know what you would like to see in something like this.
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yy8qj3w6iopmeca/map.png My map receiving flights around 50 to 90 miles out with the crappy antenna that came with the SDR! Woah! Nice!
  13. I had a problem too but it was my fault for upgrading from the beta... I did the factory image as well, rebooted.. Applied the update.. After about 5 minutes the lights were flashing like a police car.. I was able to connect to the pineapple and set the password, hit continue and it was fine. What do you mean by a lot? I can handle about 10 or so on my 4G (80Mbps) connection before they get lag and SSL strip and URL snarf etc.. starts to act wonky. Solution.. Tango mode. Get a few more pineapples and set them up to mesh.. adjust the txpower to your pentest accordingly on each one. Wicked Pissa to the whole team (I'm from Boston, don't judge). Anyway.. Super stable. Love the SDR stuff! So easy to use! Epic! Karma working great, infusions working great. I have nothing to to report that's negative. I actually had very little problems with the beta too. Love the improvements the the way this is headed! Seb, Darren, etc.. frickin hackerific!
  14. New #wifipineapple firmware is wicked!

  15. I can't believe how easy this was to setup vs. me playing around with GnuRadio and the like. Wicked Pissa! With the crappy antenna that came with the SDR (R820T SDR & DVB-T) Here in Saint Johns, FL I get about 60+ mi. of reception sitting in my living room! Now I can't wait to setup a nice antenna on the roof to it! LOL. Fun stuff. Nice to see my father-in-law coming in for a landing.
  16. Will it not receive the logins or will the victim not see the page? Does it time-out? Have you tested your "internet ip" spoofed website from outside your network already?
  17. How about modifying it so you can forward more than one port? I currently ignore the tile and setup autossh in rc.local to automatically foward more than one port. Note that I need to sleep about 20 seconds between autossh commands for it to work. I also configured dip switches to connect/disconnect ssh as well.
  18. CLI (SSH) or reverse VPN (depending on the attack vector situation). As for rate limitting, I don't. I have a decent data plan but I don't always use my iPhone hotspot. I will usually connect it to another wifi signal either open or one I hacked. I use an Anker battery. I don't have it with me right now but I will try to find the link. I got it on Amazon. It outputs 9v and 12v and has two USB charging ports for 1A and 2.1A. Runs both for about 6 - 12 hours depending on whether or not I have an extra alfa hooked up to the pineapple for de-authentication. I use a bag similar to the tactical bag in most cases. Fits everything nicely. I ordered the tactical bag for the MKV and should be receiving it tomorrow. I will be posting a detailed howto on my blog with a link here. Probably more than one howto. Likely videos.
  19. I had my Raspberry Kali pi hooked up to my MKIV and now my MKV. Does everything I want it to. I used the internet sharing script for the MKIV/V on the rasp kali and double NAT the internet connection through a wifi dongle on the Rasp to my iPhone hotspot. Great for dropping somewhere then using the rasp as a metasploit pivot, using BeEF, redirecting dns etc.. Pretty much everything you can do with a Kali box. Not only does it add to the Pineapples functionality but it also seems to route internet much faster than using the extra radio on the pineapple to client to my iPhone. Even when running SSLStrip there is no to very little lag for the client. I also run autossh reverse shells from both to my VPS <evilgrin>. Also redirect the pineapple's web interface as well to my VPS. Good times.
  20. Should be getting mine the 7th according to UPS. :) Thanks Darren. Pwn to Own.
  21. Thanks Chriswhat... What I was doing wrong (after being so used to debian/kali linux) was not including dBm in the command. After including dBM in the iwconfig wlan0 txpower 30dBm it worked like a charm. Thanks! I should have thought of that. LOL.
  22. Already did that. Thanks though. It still not going higher than 18. I'll keep trying other things. Oh and WLAN1 works without issues changing the regulatory domain and issuing the txpower command. Just having the problem with WLAN0.
  23. Yes, I tried it both ways. While it was up. When that didn't work I issued ifconfig wlan0 down then iw reg set BO then iwconfig wlan0 txpower 30 (other values as well) then ifconfig wlan0 up. Still reports txpower=18.
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