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Probably a stupid question,but......


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I am trying to had my own logo as a background image in the webUI.

I have no experience in php, but from what i believed that that the index.php would be the file to edit.

I have tried several different lines of code but still couldn't accomplish my goal.

So now i turn to the pros.

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I tried putting in /pineapple/ and /pineapple/includes/img ( I believe that's it)

I did not remove where it sets the color to black.

I was thinking if I put the code below that it would overlay it with my image. For what it's worth I attempted to put in image code in several different locations.

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Upon attempting it once again. I was able to get the image to actually show, although not exactly the way it needed to be displayed.

This also made me realize that even if it was displayed right, some of the small tiles are "transparent" while some are filled with there own black background.

Since i am in experienced, i believe i will still be able to accomplish a good look by adding the image to the status bar as a banner instead of the background.

I noticed that css classes are created in the css file then called in index.php.

However i must do more research to accomplish this. Right now i can get words to appear but not the image.

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