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Woman Dies Next To Own Grave


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AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A Dutch woman, who had meticulously planned her own funeral after the death of her husband last year, died next to the grave in Amsterdam where she wanted to be buried, a newspaper reported.

The 65-year-old widow probably died of a heart attack while she was visiting the family grave where her name, but no date, was already inscribed, De Telegraaf daily reported Wednesday.

The woman was carrying a bag with her containing her will when she died and had already organized details of her funeral including the music she wanted played, the paper said.

Huh... I don't exactly know what to say to this. Never know when you're going, I guess.

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at least they don't have far to carry her

(i'm so going to hell)

the irony may in fact be that only because she was stressing so much about the details of her own funeral that she ended up having a heart attach and if she left it alone she would be ok.

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What?? Guess we geekly men all truly screwed (pardon the pun) aren't we?

As geeks we stand NO chance of getting any to begin with, but if through some strange circumstance we do wind up running into the woman of our dreams who, even more miraculously, digs us aswell, it's all over as soon as the vows have been taken and half our base legally belong to them? :!:

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