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Hackers use Ubuntu?


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I've been using Linux for over a year and a half and after a lot of Distro Hoppin' I've landed on what I think is probably one of the better Linux Distros, Manjaro. I'm using the Xfce version and set to Testing Mode so I get updates every few days instead of having to wait a month like in Stable(or daily like in Unstable) Manjaro gives you all the goodness of Arch without the downside. You can use the Manjaro mirrors(i.e. Repos) that have a lot of packges ine them or the AUR that has a ton more. You use pacman which IMHO is easier to use then apt-get and the Manjaro Forums are a really great place to hang out with the Devs hanging out there as well so you can actually get in touch with the folks that take care of this Distro.

Download it and make up a Live USB or DVD and give it a look. Also, if you go the Xfce route remember that you don't have to run it the way it looks "out of the box". I moved the panel from the bottom to the top and added a 2nd panel at the bottom so it looks a lot like the MATE desktop that I was using. Also at the bottom of the link you can go to the Community versions where you can get MATE, Cinnamon, ect if you don't want Xfce or KDE.


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1. Discover what it is you need.

2. Discover which distro can provide it in a way you can work with.

3. Use that distro and work around its idiosyncracies.

It's vitally important to not skip #1, which many people tend to do.

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Also, as far as GNU/Linux goes, any Distro that has the Tools you need in it's Repos(like Metasploit, WireShark,ect.) would work as well as any other. The nice thing about Kali is that they've added all the Tools for you but really Kali is just a Debian based Distro with a ton of extras. You can just as easily install Debian then add the Tools you want/need to it.

One nice thing about Linux is that you don't have to shell out your hard earned cash to get a copy like you do with Windows and you're not as prone to all those nasty viruses and malware like you would be running Windows. Mac OS-X is kind of the "lost" OS IMHO, yes, now it's Free to download and use and yes there's not a lot of viruses and stuff that mess with it but I also don't know if you can get all the packages you would want to use with it like you can with a good Linux based OS.

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Yes hackers use ubuntu, it really doesn't matter to much what the distro is as long as you can get to that sweet sweet command line that we all love. Personally I use and love arch linux, I also use Ubuntu for work and ubuntu server for most of my servers. Again it doesn't really matter the distro as long as you have the CLI

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