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LAN defense


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It all started out one day at lunch with some friends..

Event one: with some social engineering, a friend made me activate one of those novelty electrocuting cell phones. I let him go, always glad to encourage good social engineering. But all I could think about for a while was "Wow, that sure did suck, my hand hurts now."

Event two: Poor LAN etiquette... people have a tendency to reach over and press the power button on your computer when you are becoming a threat on <insert game name here>.

Event three: I was browsing the internet and came across http://www.xoxide.com/logisys-multifunction-panel-black.html and then it hit me! Disconnect my power/reset switch and electrify them like the cell phone! Dependent on the remote power/reset switch for booting, of course.

So while my gray matter is hard at work, I ponder... What method should I use to electrify the buttons? What damage could this potentially cause to my computer? What voltage should I be thinking about?

I have yet to take a deep look into the case and all of its intricacies, but a cursory glance leads me to believe that the buttons, along with its surroundings is aluminum. There should be plenty of room for what I need and I have more than enough experience in case modding to be able to insulate the buttons if need be.

It's late and I am not in the "thinking mood" right now, I will get back to this in the morning hours but I leave with this: The buttons are disabled, electrified, and when touched, leave the person with a painful reaction and a vulgar statement in which I can reply, "Turning off the computer won't put the head back on your character's shoulders."

Go ahead, reply away.

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Most PSU's these days have a switch at the back of them. If you put a bridge on the power connector on the MoBo (that the power button goes to obviously) you can on-off the machine using that switch on the back. Auto-shutdown will still shut it down of course, but you'd need to off/on on the PSU to get the thing to boot again.

That should free up the button for you to wire nasty stuff against. Just use a few (rechargable) batteries on their own circuit. Safer for both your machine and your victim (or yourself when you forget about this hack on an early monday morning).

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I'd be willing to bet that if you knocked the shit out of the next guy to turn off your box, others will think twice. If not, make the next one and example. They will either get the hint or get hurt. Hulk management tip #10234.

I do have to admit that I would love to see some choad get a nice jolt of electricity for being an asshat.

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Collegue of mine had a really cool device for that. It was called a "Mosquito Whacker". It's basically a half-size wooden baseball bat. Would be quite useful during a nice, long, hard LARTing session.

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Dude I LOVE the idea. Moving the power switch should not be hard at all. I just recently moved the power switch from my case to right into a panel on my desk and threw in some USBs for good measure. For the electrocution thing, couldn’t you hack up one of those novelty shockers to fit where the power button was? You shouldn’t need to hook it up to the PSU that way. May make things easier.

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