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There's always room for Pi.


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Yes yes yes. Problem is I don't have the PSU yet (it's in the mail somewhere between here and China) so I can only hook up 1 if I tie it to my fileserver, which I'd rather not. But with the boards now in I can properly get to work on the trays.

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PSU is in and I found a wooden box that's perfect for a life size mock up. I'm going to create a box specifically for it of course that will be a touch wider, but this is already pretty damned close to what I'm aiming for.



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I was thinking wood case because of ease of construction, but just yesterday I saw people at my hackerspace quite diligently make an acrylic case to house a small laser cutter in so I might just go for that.

Wood is so... thick. Plus I want to show off what's going on inside the case.

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I don't have a router (the wood working tool that is) and I haven't seen one at my hackerspace either so I'll have to ask about the groove cutting. A big concern for me is that when I lay out my components I don't want the thing to droop down in the middle under the weight of everything. Sure, those boards weigh next to nothing, but there's the sled that houses it as well as the receiver for the sled which all adds up. I didn't yet get a chance to discuss this with the people at my hackerspace who tend to know a HECK of a lot more about this than I do.

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