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  1. IvanDoe

    WiFi Pineapple Primer

    New UI seems alot faster and responsive, hopefully you will release new MK5 firmware with it soon.
  2. IvanDoe

    Introducing the WiFi Pineapple TETRA

    Darren will tetra be sold in EU shop soon?
  3. IvanDoe

    Introducing the WiFi Pineapple NANO

    So wifi pineapple MKV will get software/firmware update? I really don't see why MK5 woudln't get software update and new UI like nano since specs are so similar.
  4. IvanDoe

    Introducing the WiFi Pineapple NANO

    Cpu and ram looks same as for mk5 from what i can see? I am glad and happy for hak5 making new gadgets... but i'm pretty sure alot of people was expecting this new device to be able to have better specs (cpu, ram) since it has been years since mk5 was released. There was talk of mk5 firmware maybe having MITMf implemented, i figured that was delayed so this new device can have but seeing specs i am not so sure? Big thing about mk5 was when it was released it could sslstrip etc, it can't do now with ssl tls. Will mk5 still get firmware updates and be actively developed for?