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  1. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3OS9E
  2. Found this today http://www.windytan.com/2014/02/mystery-signal-from-helicopter.html
  3. What kind of plane's are you looking for I noticed that I don't pick up small airplane's but I can pick up commercial one's real far away with a pretty small antenna maybe some of them don't have the equipment or maybe they do use something else I was also wondering what do helicopter's use would be nice to plot them on a map
  4. You should check this out https://code.google.com/p/cdar/wiki/SimpleMeteorDetection
  5. I made the change's you recommended the price is looking so much better €583.67 I really can't wait now the next 6 weeks are going to be agonizing ha At the bottom of the page it says error: Corsair CX 600W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply may not provide sufficient wattage. The estimated part list maximum power draw is 739W. Should I swap it for something bigger I seen somebody else's setup on the site and they had water cooling With the powercolor gpu would I be able to use that for brute forcing? I'v been learning a bit of coding for awhile I didn't know opencl was something you can write tool's for that's so cool I would love to try write my own brute forcing tool would be a brilliant learning experience as well What does the powercolor use is it opencl or something else?
  6. Thanks I'm going to get some of the parts tomorrow watched a few more video's on making them and kinda starting to understand this a bit better now. Which type of coax would be the best to get for this and would there be any alternative to the insulators could I make one instead because I'm pretty sure I won't find them around here That boom is deadly what happen's if it get's hit by lighting will that not fry everything connected to it
  7. watched that video and made a set up on the site cost's €724.81 here's the link http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3OMWa does that seem like a good setup? Not sure why it wont let me pick any nvidia gpu's can you have more then one gpu aswell like could I have a amd 1 and a nvidia 1 or is that crazy
  8. Ye I can't wait man there's so many amazing pc game's I'v never played and playing with cuda would be interesting what do you think of these http://www.adverts.ie/desktops/ultra-fast-six-core-8gb-gaming-pc/5370092 http://www.adverts.ie/desktops/new-custom-gaming-pc-4-4ghz/5536428 http://www.adverts.ie/desktops/fx-pc-gaming-6-core/5479292 I know they don't have nvidia but I could always get one separate and I think I will get a small ssd and just use an external hdd for all my stuff
  9. And when you say go big on the gpu what one's are decent cheap and also work with linux Also what sort of motherboard should I choose I really haven't got a clue about them
  10. The cooler master is nice Why just enough space for the OS I was thinking about dual booting have windows for gaming and to run VM's when ever I'm testing stuff and then linux for general use and maybe a bit of sneaky gaming in between studying ha What model is the processor and where should I get it from should I get this stuff second hand or should I get it new
  11. Nope don't have a license or the equipment to transmit just have small dongle for receiving. My question was worded badly what is the easiest 6 meter's band antenna to make at home?
  12. I'v been thinking about getting a desktop for awhile would love to play some good pc game's and be able to run a few virtual machine's for testing on but don't really know much about hardware and compatibility stuff also I need to try do it as cheap as possible under €800 if that's possible. What would you guy's suggest and where do you think I should get it from?
  13. Was cruising the net today found a lovely ham setup
  14. Cool I have a vps in the netherlands :D signed up with money mijonairs can I view ad's on that one and here's my email send them on to me ha :D
  15. That's deadly man Would love to practice on some website's legally and get free shit ha :D I tried making money off coinurl wrote a bash script to open the browser through tor then open the link wait for ten seconds then restart tor close the browser and do it all again but they block proxy's ha so didnt work to well What ad viewing site do you use
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