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good backtrack laptop


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I guess I should reword my question.

Does anyone know of a cheap laptop that supports packet injection with the built-in wireless chipset.

Ok would the Fed who's hanging out here chime in and help this guy out. Maybe he\she can pm you so they don't give away their id.

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Tacking on a external usb wifi, might be the best bet for wifi ...redacted... as you can also better control your arena or lack of one to give you better results. Any light touchscreen ultrabooks work good with Kali?

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My Dell XPS12 works just fine with it. The latest version even fixed the touch screen issues. Though it still quits working when bringing out of sleep, but at boot it works just fine. Haven't tried monitor mode, I use an external usb adapter for that. On my work Dell it has a second pci slot for a 3g modem, so I put an atheros based wifi card in to get around the crappy broadcom wireless crap that dell uses.

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Tons of Laptops that will run Backtrack and Kali Linux You really don't need a high-end laptop to run linux on just depends what you plan to do with it if only to do pentesting with any laptop can do that :B

Myself i was gonna go with a Thinkpad T420 model laptop but i came across this http://www.ebay.com/itm/271589557036 got me interested and im not really a fan of HP but it does have a 1 GB dedicated Video Card that can handle most games i play so thats why i want it.

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