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  1. ok so if i read that right i could do this ever 11hrs 30min 30 11 * * * /home/username/mac.sh mac.sh being #!/bin/bash ifconfig wlan0 down macchanger -r wlan0 ifconfig wlan0 up though is there a way with macchanger to only change the last 6 octets and keep the first 6 so keep 00:00:01 and change from aa:aa:aa to 99:99:99 random sets ie c0:ff:fe then 00:be:ef and so on
  2. hi all, im aware of this post but it does not seem to quite fit the bill https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/25247-binbash-setting-variable-to-mac-addess/?hl=macchanger what im after is basicly a script that can periodicly auto change mac address am going away next month, and the hotel im in has "free wifi" but research has found its 24hrs free, then $19.95 per 12hrs therafter. also not sure if python or shell well work better more or less something like this #!/bin/bash ifconfig wlan0 down macchanger -r wlan0 ifconfig wlan0 up sleep 43200 (assuming it accepts this many seconds) then need a way to loop it thanks
  3. thanks ill put 2.5 on and see if that stops it
  4. got wifite already :) other things it can do, well it seems to be a aio app can pull urls being viewed - like urlsnarf block all / single ip addresses - same as a deauth i was more thinking of it being ported as a aio pogram rather than running multiple terminal windows url snarf aprspoof aireplay and so on already being having fun with ip tables
  5. id love to attend one of these specialy shmoocon or defcon, but not till they are here in australia
  6. agreed i have 3 on the laptop 2x external 1x internal still got space for 1 more external, byt 3 is enough (usually only use the 2 external, as i can attach my 40db antennas to them)
  7. yep just dont know anyone coming over from the states or anyone over there on holidays out of my friends and family :/ im still waiting for that DHL option that sara mentioned was been added last month to show up
  8. indeed cheers for the reply, makes me feel safer using the site when out on other wifi :)
  9. hey sorry for delay, been busy with the kids over the new year period. at current rate $50us = about $57AU im going to suss out postage options other than USPS not too cluely on US services,that can send o/s afaik there is DHL, FEDEX, UPS. is this it or is there some more ?
  10. hi again, in lou of my previous post, i decided to try and dig in further, and found that a site i use regually detected it run as sslstrip -k -f lock.ico -l 8088 i got presented with a message informing me i had to have SSL to view the site what went wrong, or are sites getting smarter and i was just using arpspoof as follows arpspoof -i wlan2 -t (my machine) (accesspont)
  11. ah my appologies not too sure on redirecting to a specific host or ip sorry i cant be of more help
  12. nicknames, FLIP / dddjflip Favourite game: tf2/dota2 Favourite OS: Debian / Favourite console: wii-u / psp Nationality: australian / italian (duel citizen) Accent: Australian, (yes we speak australian not english) Sex: Male Race: White Height: 10110000 Build: average Favourite band: various uk hardcore dj`s Favourite book: hitchhikers guide / 1984 / the time machine Favourite author: geroge orwell Favourite movie: antitrust Favourite director: none really Favourite TV Show: ncis Favourite actor: too many Favourite actress: devon aoki Favourite Pinup: crystal maiden from dota2 Favourite Comedian: strassman Other hobbies: djing, website building radio communications / telecommunications Special skills: Certified in governemnt radio and marine radio, disaster operations, communication centre management Car: Dodge Ram and 1976 Dodge Dart GT Occupation: R&D/ Technical adviser
  13. you should be able to get away with something like a netbook or eeepc (atleast here in AU) most pawn shops have them for under $150 but id reccomend kali over bt
  14. thank you, clears that up for me I`ll have a search around for something like wifi kill already on linux
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