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  1. nicknames, FLIP / dddjflip Favourite game: tf2/dota2 Favourite OS: Debian / Favourite console: wii-u / psp Nationality: australian / italian (duel citizen) Accent: Australian, (yes we speak australian not english) Sex: Male Race: White Height: 10110000 Build: average Favourite band: various uk hardcore dj`s Favourite book: hitchhikers guide / 1984 / the time machine Favourite author: geroge orwell Favourite movie: antitrust Favourite director: none really Favourite TV Show: ncis Favourite actor: too many Favourite actress: devon aoki Favourite Pinup: crystal maiden from dota2 Favourite Comedian: strassman Other hobbies: djing, website building radio communications / telecommunications Special skills: Certified in governemnt radio and marine radio, disaster operations, communication centre management Car: Dodge Ram and 1976 Dodge Dart GT Occupation: R&D/ Technical adviser
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