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  1. If you could create a dream team of people to talk and take security related questions for an entire afternoon, who would you choose? Perhaps there would have to be an intermission, but there would be plenty of question time. So who would you pick?
  2. Ok would the Fed who's hanging out here chime in and help this guy out. Maybe he\she can pm you so they don't give away their id.
  3. http://www.theverge.com/2013/12/30/5256636/nsa-tailored-access-jacob-appelbaum-speech-30c3
  4. Sure, I think most of us wish people would have the courage do uphold the freedoms that the founders of this country gave us all. The sad part is take a look at history, there aren't many other like Bill Binney, mostly a lot of people just doing what they're told. The Defcon 20 Bigger Monster Weaker Chains, shows just how easy it is to cover up privacy right violations by intimidating employees of the NSA. Snowden's documents will help to catch us all up to speed. There's a lot of questions I would like to know the answer to. Are US Troops really being asked if they would shoot US citizens? Does the US Government own forums like this? They probably don't need to with Prism, but are there forums that have been setup under a false pretense, what are they? I've talked with a couple people on IRC, that think HellboundHackers is a government site, not owned but a third party or outsourced thing.
  5. If you haven't had the chance to read this yet here it is. http://news.yahoo.com/exclusive-secret-contract-tied-nsa-security-industry-pioneer-001729620--finance.html So the next question is what other factions of the security realm has the government bought into? We all know US Naval Research played a big role in Tor. What else has the government secretly bought into under another name?
  6. Jomba


    I seriously lack the know how and have no interest in learning how to hack. Most of the challenges like the ones on Hellbound, I have passed only the basic, quickly having lost any desire to learn the technical know how. At this point in time, I have more interest in commenting, opinions, blogs or forum posts. I'm really just of the notion that the the gov really truly believes it's citizens are all bad. No matter how many times someone watches the Defcon 20 Bigger Monster Weaker Chains video, it awakens you to realize how much information is being retained, regardless of the committing of a crime. There are plenty of people who's only crime is having an opinion and I'm not looking to join their ranks. Thanks, Jomba
  7. Jomba


    If I plan on using Whonix on the laptop I have Mint installed on, should I also change out my wireless card? My thought is to never use the laptop from home and always on public wifi. I suppose it would be safe to say that the gov. has a database with macs from modems and computers and can cross reference the list to track down the owner. Thoughts?
  8. Well, since Microsoft gave the Russian Secret Service source code, I would say no dice. Forget the fact that he would want to use wifi, or bluetooth.
  9. Oh no, the CIA can't lose data that the NSA already has. Why do you think the NSA is building a huge new data center to store data in Utah. :D
  10. Thanks for the replies. I suppose this would have been a great question to ask Kevin Mitnick when he was a guest, a while back. I'm also wondering if a Linux box could be built that would be dialed into and could run a test or tests to determin such tapping?
  11. Quit FB a fews years ago and would never go back. The sheep and Lemmings will always follow and believe a suite in disguise. On the flip side look at all the jobs FB provides to the Fusion Centers and Government Agencies, people reading countless posts about how some user got trashed on Friday night or what they purchased at the grocery store. Likes, Farm games, writing on someone's wall, it's really too bad Mike Judge didn't have all the characters in the movie idiocracy using FB.
  12. Hello, Is there a way to tell if your cell phone calls are being listened to? I'm not talking about through spyware, I am talking about an order through the provider to record or an agency listening. Regards, Jomba
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