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Build pineapple yourself?


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You could build something simillar with the raspberry pi or arduino yun. But why bother?

Because they dont ship it to my country, got my mark IV when i was living abroad, i just wish they can ship to my country as well. I got a rasberry pi at my disposal, would really love it for this project, any ideas where to start ?? :)

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You can basically recreate it on any access point that supports OpenWRT.

Check out the community section of the forum.

UPDATE: Sorry meant the Mark IV

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it could probably be "sorta" cloned. It would be easier and cheaper to just order it unless you have the items on hand already.

looking like they based the markV firmware of the netgear wndr3700 V2 openwrt tree. the second radio that is RTL8187 is most likely just a usb addon as that is a usb chipset. Also there is also a script to swap the order of the radios and generally in openwrt usb radios will pop up first from my experience. the sd card is also usb based it seems. dip switches would be something else you would have to add one and figure out as I haven't really read or seen what they do yet. I only extracted and looked over firmware for 20 minutes now so don't take my info for granted as I don't even have a markV. I will play with the extracted firmware files later on different atheros device and I find anything I will let ya know.

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