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  1. I would but i cannot view your topics under your profile.....
  2. Correct me if im wrong, but the evil portal only realistically can produce a single phishing page being the landing page. Is this right?
  3. OK Total noob here. What i was doing is a dd of the image to the partition itself (disk4s1) and not the disk (disk4).
  4. This? https://mitmproxy.org Looks fairly simply to configure.
  5. Im bringing this thread back to life as I've encounted the same problems again with the current kali 1.0.9 raspberry pi build. https://www.kali.org/news/kali-tools-website-launched-1-0-9-released/ It simply won't boot, the red and green lights on the pi remain static and there is not display output. I have tried: Replacing the bootcode.bin and start.elf, start_cd.elf, start_x.elf files which previously worked as per here http://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/22573/failing-to-boot-kali-on-b-model-pi - no go. Reformatting the SD card numerous times with different methods. Installing NOOBS (basic rasp pi image) to rule out the fact of a dodgy SD card / rasp pi. - Boots fine. Ive tried installing the image using root@kali:~ dd if=kali-pi.img of=/dev/sdb bs=512k - copies files across but still not booting. Ive tried installing the image by simply copying and pasting the contents of the img file to the Sd card - confirmed files copied across but still not booting. Any ideas?
  6. You're waisting your time with DNSpoof. The spoof success rate is fairly low given most modern browsers cache the correct DNS entries.
  7. Figured it out. Its a bug in WICD network manager, even if its connected to a wired and wireless interface, it will only actaully display as being connected to a single interface.
  8. Hello. This is my basic setup. Raspberry Pi B+ running Kali connected to: 1. Home router on from wlan2 2. Pineapple via eth0 I'm able to run the wp5.sh script from within kali just fine. Looking at WICD network manager, it wont allow both the wired and wireless interfaces to connect at the same time. Any workaround?
  9. What sort of throughput speeds are you getting with AWUS036NEH setup in client mode?
  10. Hi Guys, I went out and purchased the AWUS036NEH. I'm still not entirely convinced the AWUS036NEH solves the problem. Here's what i did. Setup a hotspot on my Android Galaxy S3 broadcasting on channel 1. Connected directly to Android hotspot from desktop PC with these results: I then immediately ran the same speed test, again from my desktop PC which is now connected to my pineapple over the air and configured in client mode to connect to the Android hotspot. Note: pineapple SSID is broadcasting on channel 6 and the hotspot is still running on channel 1. What am i doing wrong?
  11. new image works well. keyboard and mouse support
  12. tested pwnpi. Boots fine with replacing the files on the boot dir as per this https://gist.github.com/MikeyJck/e0baf8977dfbf2c2fd67 Keyboard works fine.
  13. Yeah im having the same issue. wired and wireless keyboard wont work but i can see they are detected when booting. Tried a powered USB hub and changed the power adaptor to the pi still no win.
  14. My plans are to basically replicate the pineapple as much as possible and make it a more reliable alternative.
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