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Pineapple is making my drives permanently read-only!


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Hello all.

I recently started up my pineapple in light of the recent 2.8.1 update and plugged in my new 32gb sandisk cruzer drive (Formatted correctly) after trying to install SSL strip unsuccessfully it kept un-mounting the drive every time I tried to install something to it. It has now made my drive read only! and that's permanently read only. It also recognizes the device not as a sandisk cruzer blade but as an unknown device when I plug it in now. I remember the same thing happening with the first sandisk Fit I had that came with the pineapple. It made that read only aswell. Which I sent back to sandisk under RMA.

Anyone got any Ideas?

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SanDisk sadly has this issue with a few of their drives. It's 99% not actually the pineapple but the drive..

Best regards,


Well...."a few" is subjective. I have an actual handful of dead SanDisk 4/8/16gb Cruzer Fit drives. Not worth the time or effort to send them back, I'd purchased them at various times around the MKIII release....they've all died the same R/O death.

I would rework that comment to more accurately say that "SanDisk has no issues with a very few of their Cruzer Fit drives."...but that's just my cynical, I'm-out-about-$100-worth-of-dead-SanDisk-drives side coming out. :)

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I've had the same problem with 3 different USB memory sticks now, surely this can't all be down to faulty hardware?

Could this have anything to do with the Pineapple losing power while it's in the middle of writing to a file, and the drive then staying locked somehow?

Thanks for any tips.

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