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  1. It's pineapple. I had numerous cards (including microsd via reader) killed by mk4... I decided to never buy anything from hakshop.
  2. i regret buying it. and all 'mk4 support will continue' promises are empty so far.
  3. chinese 15000mah is actually about 4000mah.
  4. I didn't expect anything. I found the working setup by trial and error. Oh, wait. I remember ordering the 'elite SET' hoping it'll include working setup. With likkle pineapple juice, powerhungry sandisk, 500mw nha an' all ;) I guess you can call that 'expectations'. Or was it false advertising? ;)
  5. Try adding NHA that was supplied with elite set ))) Without NHA i can run it all just off 1A usb port....
  6. Also i had to change the fstab mount config to allow usb stick to always be mounted properly. I had it pop up as sda or sdb randomly, so i decided to go with uuid. Issue 'blkid' command to list the current volumes uuids (stick have to be mounted at this point). Edit fstab (/etc/config) and comment out 'option device /dev/sd*' lines and replace with corresponding 'option uuid '[uuid here]' lines for /usb and swap volumes. That works great and now my stick gets mounted regardless of physical device id. This also introduces some additional security so to speak - any other usb stick will not mount. If you need to change to another stick - edit fstab again to temporarily use 'option device /dev/sd?' lines again, mount, blkid, edit fstab. Cheers
  7. Ok, after almost a year i finally have a setup as close to 'working' as it can get on that piece of...engineering (mk4). The ONLY way for it to work and not reboot at the fisrt sign of any real load is: Anker 14400mah 12v output to -> Mk4 Mk4 USB -> 4 port usb hub (NON POWERED!!!) 4 port hub -> 2gb flash stick (NOT SANDISK!!!!) -> 3g stick -> NHA from 'elite' set This way it works - jammer is running on wlan1, karma and sslstrip on wlan0+3g, two reverse ssh tunnels (shell and webface). Powered hub = fail. Any other power source (non a/c) = fail. Sandisk stick = fail. Hope this helps, as there's still no updates from the team. Oh, and it's on 2.8.1. 3.0 was stillborn...
  8. Best of the best http://www.ianker.com/support-c1-g212.html - still available at amazon. 9-12v + 2x 5v2a usbs + stunning 14400mah.
  9. "oh, the obsolete non-working model." then "silence........"
  10. Hak5 abandoned mk4 and cleaning up all complaints that may harm their mk5 sales...
  11. i guess nothing will come anymore for mk4.
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