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  1. So....will there be an firmware update to the Mark IV, implementing the PineAP suite of tools ?
  2. I doubt a lock or removal of content here helps users or developers, the point of a community is to help and interact with eachother, both users and the creators, a sensorship on honest and real questions about problems with a paid service or product serves no purpose here.
  3. Karma seems to have problems fooling devices sold or with updated firmware after mid 2012, i made a detailed thread about it, trying to help find a solution and but unfortunately I was not taken very seriously by the developers and was basicly ignored or hushed down even some acknowledged that Karma doent work anymore, thread was here : https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30411-issues-with-karma-in-mark-iv/ but thread seems to have vanished from this forum. Karma does listen and getting the probes, but security got better with wifi devices and they no longer connect to Karma-created s
  4. Hi, I bought a Mark IV in september 2012 and could not get Karma working, and started a thread here about it, and now its gone ? https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30411-issues-with-karma-in-mark-iv/ I've spendt hours and hours on research on different devices, trying to find a clue on where Karma fails, and the thread just vanishes...
  5. The device probably worked as advertised from 2008-2011 with the Karma functionality picking up probes and faking SSID's. The problem seems to be with the creators/sellers of the Pineapple, as i'm sure its a problem that they cant fix as easy as some bugs. Darren, Seb and moderators here seems fast and friendly to reply with faults they can handle, as if you start a script wrongly, or some command line arguments are wrong, shipping and packaging faults etc, they respond and fix these things within hours. I've seen many people asking about Karma, and usally no reply's about why it doesnt wor
  6. I didnt buy an older pineapple, I bought it last month and started this thread the same month : https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30411-issues-with-karma-in-mark-iv/ At that time, last month the Mark IV was the current model and the Hak5 shop did have the description i included in post #14 Your are really nitpicking and taking things out of context, you are comparing me buying a current model of a product to your sega mega drive upstairs as the same....
  7. Totally agree, but Karma or Jasager is one of the main features of the device, without it you cant really use any of the other stuff on the device, as you have to rely on people actually connecting manually to a new unknown open network.
  8. You are out of context, it says most 'Most wireless devices have network software to automatically connects to access points they remember', that refers to the operating system installed on the 'victim' devices, and has nothing to do with Karma. You'll see that the last 4 lines refers to the Karma bit, or atleast I do...
  9. But you didnt buy your sega this year...? All I wanted was to get focus on this issue, as new customers are still asking about Karma, as orginal poster of this thread, it didnt work on his Win 7, Galaxy Note 2 and Iphone....yet he belived it would. The speech about 'landcape have evolved, vendors have adapted' should be mentioned in the Hak5 shop description about the Wifi Pineapple so people will know this before they order the device.
  10. Do I even write english ? @scotthelme Did you buy that Sega Mega Drive new this year ? and did you honest belive it had cutting edge graphics if you bought it new in 2013? I bought the Mark IV in September this year...we're in October now...one month ago the Hak5 shop had descriptions about the Mark IV and about Karma telling 'Yes, i'm your network' etc......how where I suppose to know ofcourse it doesnt work ? See the hak5 shop I was reading in september when I ordered the Mark IV : I posted in the Mark IV forums that Karma should be updated or the Hak5 shop description should be chang
  11. I've never said the Mark IV or Karma is broken, i've said it doesnt work as advertised or used to be advertised, as they have removed the text that describes how Karma works on the Mark V now. I bought the Mark IV in september 2013 and the $129+shipping+tax is well over $200, and Karma doesnt do anything on the devices in and around my home. No i didnt apparently do my homework, but found several threads about problems with Karma reported by other members here, and few and no responses from the creators on issues reported nearly 1.5 years ago. So instead of leaving it and forget about it l
  12. In theory, yes......in the real world, unlikely unless people spesificly selects to connect to your open wifi....as current Karma doesnt work with newish devices, so you can do the same with a normal router and laptop with sslstrip
  13. Your devices are too new and secure for Karma to work, only way you 'see' Karma working is if you create a new SSID to connect to on your device. Wifi security got improved in 2012, rendering Karma basicly useless on new devices. As a workaround for your existing stored 'free wifis' you can (if your phone are rooted) edit /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf and add 'scan_ssid=1' to the ssid's config you want Karma to fake/create, Now you can see Karma working on your existing stored SSID's. While this should be unnecessary for a pen-testing tool and the mentioned update Darren talks about s
  14. interesting video, great job! about Karma, it was brought up at the very end of the hangout , how Karma doesnt work on new devices, no update was ready but some tricks where up the sleve, with no eta given. But seems promising nevertheless
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