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  1. What are the main differences between the AR9271 and the AR9331, just out of curiosity? Was there a reason that 2 different radios are chosen : ie, can 2 of the same not share the same board? Choosing hardware as an OEM. That sounds like a really interesting fun job! :)
  2. Thanks for the reply. So is the third radio just because the other 2 are busy, or if the issue highlighted in the quote above was not a factor, would it be able to do that job without the need for a third radio? Is the fake AP doing the karma attack, or occupineapple attack, or both?
  3. I nearly threw caution to the wind and went to buy one. Damn. Shipping! Ouch! Think I may have to wait for proper release so I can buy it in the European store.
  4. thanks for your reply foxtrot. I can appreciate what you wrote, and I can understand that seb managing multiple firmwares would be a nightmare. However, it was seb himself who said the MKIV still had things coming out for it. (example : https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30654-my-mkiv-30-experience-so-far/?p=232449 ) Why not just say, "No, sorry, it's EOL. There will be nothing more." It wasn't till 6 months later that Darren confirmed it was dead : (same thread : https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30654-my-mkiv-30-experience-so-far/?p=243433 ) It's kinda like ordering a taxi that never turns up.... You just keep waiting and waiting and waiting.... Until you eventually realise that it was never going to be. It is always going to be better to just be straight up and honest about it. There were people on the MKIV forums begging for answers from HAK5 which all pretty much went unanswered for a long time. Side note response : why release a beta and not a final? Surely a beta is a work in progress. What was the point? Anyway, the MKIV's lifetime was 3 or 4 years ago now. I am most interested in the MKVI. My original questions still stand though. I want to throw down money and get one of these devices. They look the best I have ever seen in the pineapple range so far! Will Hak5 be straight up with us when the MK7 comes out further down the line, and let us know as soon as they know when the previous generation is killed? Better still, will they have a set EOL date (like Microsoft does) prior to the hardware reaching EOL? It would be nice to know how long we have left on a product. Cheers!
  5. 2 Radios in the Pineapple, and neither of them are good enough? Or have I just read you wrong?
  6. Well, Congrats on the new hardware guys! It does look very promising! i like the new interface! I thought the Tiles interface introduced with the 3.0 firmware on the MKIV were an incredible waste of screen space. Looking at the download count between V2.8.1 and v3.0 it seems a lot of people agreed. V3.0 was pretty much buggy and broken from my experience. I gotta be honest though, while I am interested in buying this new version of the pineapple, I am still a little bit miffed about how the transition from MKIV to MKV was handled. Now, I haven't checked for a few months, however I remember at the launch of the MKV, it was promised that there was still things coming for the MKIV. As far as I could see last time I checked, that never happened. I was miffed that things were promised, and they never materialised. I remember remarking around the time that I bet that the MKV would be gone within a year or 2 and we would have to upgrade our hardware again. I really wanted to be wrong about that! I was assured that would not be the case, and the MKV is here to stay. I do understand that since the chip is no longer being manufactured has caused an issue with manufacturing for the MKV, and that is a shame.Sorry to hear about it. I am very glad I didn't buy a MKV though. I took the decision to just sit that generation out, and just watch to see how long it survived for. My MKIV is sitting uselessly in a cupboard now. Occasionally, I use it as a regular access point in a pinch, but it crashes way too much with a fresh firmware. It always did. Anyway. Questions : Do the HAK5 team have a strategy in place for future generations of the pineapple hardware wherein new software is backward compatible? I've watched all 5 generations of the pineapple before this, and it seems that backwards compatibility is not a consideration. This may be due to technical limitations / hardware architecture etc, which I understand... But moving forward.... again I feel compelled to ask... Next year / the year after are we going to get rinsed for another $100 ? I'd kinda like to buy hardware that lasts more than a year / 2 years. I kinda also want to know that Software Support carries on at least a year after EOL for hardware. Us MKIV users were pretty much abandoned. I want to be sure that the last firmware update you give for a hardware device does not suck as much as firmware 3.0 did for the MKIV at EOL. Please don't take offence to my post, I wish the best for you all. These are legitimate concerns of mine. Cheers!
  7. Looks like they pulled down social.hak5.org
  8. it would be very upsetting if the MKIV stuff disappeared from here. The amount of times I have to factory reset it.....
  9. Thanks Darren for the reply, and also for your awesome work on the tinterwebs. I understand what you're saying and appreciate your position also. It's my own fault for jumping on the MKIV bandwagon so late, without realising the MKV was mere weeks away haha :) Maybe I will check out the MKV soon then if it has a while left in it's life, I had nice dreams of making a PineappleCopter which it would be perfect for :) Did you get luck in finding competitive overseas Distributors yet? Cheers!
  10. Hmmmm, yes. I have to be honest, it's a little disappointing that nothing has happened for the MKIV for over half a year. I understand it's a small team, and the MKV is the new Hak5 baby, but a little bit of MKIV action would be good about now! There are too many tech companies abandoning their products after a year or so of it being released. It's not a good trend. Also, another reason I didn't buy the MKV yet is because probably the MKVI will be out in X months, and I'm not a big fan of obsoleted equipment... *looks at drawer full of old smart phones and Pineapple MKIV*.
  11. There is A custom Ubuntu distribution which has lots of tools on it. Can't remember the name off hand. My rtl-sdr should arrive this week. I intend to do a write up when it does.
  12. it's debian based :) Bit of a rip off of the UI though :/
  13. First of all, I'd like to acknowledge that my recent interest in this type of research was born out of watching Darren's video interview with Renderman. So hat doffed, cheers guys! I found recently that a certain type of radio in some PC TV dongles (RTL2832U) can be used to watch more than free to air TV. I just ordered one for £7 on amazon, That's mindblowingly cheap.! The idea is that you use these USB devices to look / listen to the radio waves being broadcast around you within a range of frequencies. It seems that within these frequencies, all the good stuff happens. This is probably old news to a few of you, but that's cool, as I'd love to invite you all to discuss this here with me and everyone else here on why this is so cool and interesting, and perhaps help us all understand the possibilities of this cheap technology for learning and research purposes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqUPj852FFY Apart from all the applications that seem to be be here already for Windows and Linux (sorry OSX users!), there are other considerations too.. One of them would be fairly relevant to HAK5 in a way, as a need for the understanding of antennas is something a lot of us are interested in due to the pineapple. Of course there are plenty more devices which are more capable to do this, but at a cost increase. here is a couple of links that I have found wealthy in information. http://rtlsdr.org/ http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/rtl-sdr http://hackaday.com/?s=sdr http://www.reddit.com/r/rtlsdr One more thing.... Someone made a way to use a DJ Controller as a way to control the interface of the software. http://www.dh1tw.de/powersdr-ui Now, that is awesome!
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