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Help with flashing

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Hi guys new here, I'm from the uk so bought the ap121 as wanted next day delivery, so now Im trying to flash it.

I asked the question on if I needed tools to flash it on another forum and got told no so now I'm trying to flash by Ethernet as post from today won't get here till Wednesday and I want to play with it over the long weekend..

The link to pineapple build wasn't working so I found some random host off google and upon running it I've ran into a problem:


It's just frozen on that, it took a while to get that far and it's been like that about half an hour now, I've got it plugged into the Poe LAN port and disabled the other adapters ect, anyone able to help me out?

Can I unplug it while its froze like this or would I be better to press close on the ap51 app?

Thanks guys sorry for being impatient and trying via Ethernet!


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Ah shit, can I flash mk3 onto ap121u for something to do till Wednesday?

Or do they sell serial cables in maplins/electronic stores?



No. Different chipset, different hardware.. different bootloader.

Not sure if they do, sorry. You want a 3.3V UART

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Thanks for that, closest one on eBay is a 2 hour drive so figure I'll be waiting lol

Unless anyone else on here knows of any uk electronic stores that may sell them or a makeshift way of getting around it?


Got an arduino?

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Via: https://github.com/WiFiPineapple/web-interface/wiki/mk4guidecleanflashserial

UART Adaptors

There are many USB/Serial to UART adapters out there. The author of the video below (Mr-Protocol) used the Alfa Console Board. Any 3.3v capable UART adapter should work. Check the adapter specifications before buying. You can also buy a UART Adaptor from the Hakshop.

If you are not using the Alfa Console Board, You only need to hook up the TX, RX, GND pins to your UART adapter. .

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