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  1. Hi All, A while ago I got stuck trying to share the wifi with the pineapple and I found a script to help set it up, now I have that sorted but when I turn the pineapple off it looses the setting or something and I have to run the script in putty everytime which is time consuming and inconvienient, is there anyway to make it boot up and share a wifi (wpa encrypted) by default? also if anyone knows roughly how much it will cost to run it most of the time it would be good to know.. Thanks in advance for any help! Dave
  2. Having issues getting SSL strip to work with facebook, I've tried testing with win7 chrome and ipad Safari and dont seem to get consistent results. Will occasionally strip the SSL but 9/10 times it doesn't do anything. Works pretty well on gmail though maybe 9/10 goes. Anyone found a way to improve the effectiveness? Do they use a different port to put secure traffic down or something? Cheers, Dave
  3. Hi guys, Im certain there must be a way to autostart karma on boot of the pineapple but i spent a couple hours trying to find it with no luck, so if someone could just point (the most likely obvious) way to do this ill be greatful. Otherwise I can ssh into it from andriod but whats the command in ssh to start karma? Or if someone has managed to get onto the gui from android then details on that would sort my issue out too! Thanks and sorry if this has been asked but I really cant find it! Dave
  4. Hmm ive made a DIY 8 AA battery pack, reckon I would be pushing the power limitations with that? I've got 8 x 3800 mAh 1.2v battery's if that's any help And yeh that's what I meant, I thought sslstrip would run without USB, silly me, can dns spoofing to a HTML file stored on the internal be done?
  5. Got it working now after last nights help in the other topic. It was the wire and I need to plug in after boot, I'm using the connection to host a seperate AP. The wifi card comes up as wlan0 if it's plugged in on boot, I also have to manually enable it with the up command every time.. It's fine though just happy it's working now, although massive limitations without the use of the USB port, how can I sniff/ssl strip without laptop present? Dave
  6. Ps I tested on an iPad & win7 with chrome (more extensively on iPad)
  7. I can confirm it works 100% with gmail, hotmail and m.facebook.com and not only of first time browsing to a site. But for the life of me I can't get it to work with Facebook.com even though it has once or twice worked at complete random. Is there a way to run SSLstrip without a USB in the pineapple?
  8. Can confirm its all sorted and running! Now to try and overcome the next issue!! :) Learning more than one thing every day though
  9. okay thanks, need to recharge up and try again! but the iwconfig shows up as wlan31? wtf? but yeah ill sort that in a few mins as im sharing the foreign power adapter between my test victim & pineapple.. Cheers for the help man seems an awesome little script!
  10. Wow. It was the wire! Mad that, had some crazy gold plated good quality one from my astro a40's lying around and using that has got it working (to some extent) now I have another error LOL root@Pineapple:~# Connecting to TALKTALK-52F438 on channel 11 signal quality 100 % -ash: Connecting: not found root@Pineapple:~# Requesting IP Address -ash: Requesting: not found root@Pineapple:~# udhcpc: SIOCGIFINDEX: No such device -ash: udhcpc:: not found root@Pineapple:~# Done. Im guessing this has failed? given the no device/not found things? do i need to install something to use udhcpc? One step forward atleast! :)
  11. root@Pineapple:~# ifconfig wlan1 down root@Pineapple:~# ifconfig wlan1 up root@Pineapple:~# iwlist wlan1 scan wlan1 Failed to read scan data : No such device root@Pineapple:~# dmesg | grep -i wlan1 Will look for another cable but dont think I have one tbh It works fine in reaver from laptop.. Also I googled about the country thing and changed the region to GB and the tx power is at 20 now, made no diff with the results though.
  12. wlan1 Failed to read scan data : No such device thats what i get for "wlist wlan1 scan" if i do ifconfig wlan1 up before it. if i do it without ifconfig wlan1 up then it says: wlan1 Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down @thesugarat Im running the newest (2.8.1? idk) but I flashed only a few days ago onto whatever was the newest.. & it is the alfa, I only get 27 dBm when i plug the alfa in after reboot and then do 'ifconfig wlan1 up' otherwise it just says 0. and after any task at all it goes back to 0. what do you mean about other country's? I live in the UK if that has anything to do with anything.. Cheers, Dave
  13. Hmmm I did mess with that file a while ago trying to get this set up but Ive ran a factory reset since, also when i look the alterations i made are gone. What else could I try or would I need to re-flash?
  14. Nope wont work in there either, I've realized its something to do with my alfa card. basically when i wlan1 up the card comes on iwconfig shows a dbi reading.. but as soon as I do ANYTHING with the card it says device is unavailible. after trying something i run iwconfig again and it says 0dbi ?? Im using the awus036h, read somewhere you have the same card? any ideas?
  15. Thanks got it to a further point now but still getting errors in the script, Ran iwconfig and it says the wifi is up then I run the script and it says the wifi is unavailable? Then if i run iwconfig again after running the script it says the wifi is now down :s any ideas? here is the output: root@Pineapple:/pineapple/scripts/wificonnect# iwconfig lo no wireless extensions. wlan1 IEEE 802.11bg ESSID:off/any Mode:Managed Access Point: Not-Associated Tx-Power=27 dBm RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Encryption key:off Power Management:off eth1 no wireless extensions. wlan0 IEEE 802.11bgn Mode:Master Tx-Power=18 dBm RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Power Management:on eth0 no wireless extensions. br-lan no wireless extensions. root@Pineapple:/pineapple/scripts/wificonnect# ./connect.sh -i wlan1 Stopping karma Starting on wlan1 Scanning for wifi Scan not completed. Retrying. 1 of 3 Scan not completed. Retrying. 2 of 3 Scan not completed. Retrying. 3 of 3 Cannot scan for wifi. Interface down or unavailable. Done. Edit: Same error when I remembered to specify the -s and -p functions
  16. Okay cheers, I'll test that tonight, should fix tht issue but still think I'll have the other issue above..
  17. I put it in pineapple/scrips/connectwifi with winSCP any idea why my internal card is coming up as wlan1 ? I'm guessing it's the internal because when I run iwconfig it gives me 27dbi on wlan0 and 18 or something on wlan1 (at work right now so can't check) I did the chmod, tried it with putty and with winSCP.. When I do factory reset it still loads the wifi the wrong way around I'm using the Alfa awus036h, I'm assuming this card works as it does with everything I've tried in the past..?
  18. When I try to run the script its comes back with permission denied? Ive tried it in advanced tab and it says nothing and also tried it in putty, ive done chmod.. I noticed my internal wifi card is on wlan0 not wlan1 also. any suggestions? really want to get this up and running! Dave
  19. Hi guys, I'm trying to follow this guide: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/27142-mk4-usb-wifi-dongle-internet-sharing-how-to/ To set up a relay of a wpa2 network. I'm stuggling on the part where I have to make it save a command by pressing wq Basically wq does nothing in my terminal. I'm doing this over putty in win7 am I supposed to do this in some other terminal? Thanks! Dave
  20. Hi guys, I'm just learning how to use the pineapple but struggling with how to get remote access. Do I need to pay for a VPS service or is there a way to set something up on my home laptop or use dropbox or some other free alternative? and If I do need to pay for it then what is the cheapest alternative? Thank you and if this is already topic as I thought it would be could you link me because I cant seem to find anything :S Thanks! DP
  21. Ahh my mistake I was trying to connect to rather than All sorted now! Massive learning curve this little venture Thanks for all your help guys I'm sure I'll stick around the forums and bug you's about its features now! Cheers!
  22. Uninstalling ipv6 and a restart made it work, not sure why may have just been the restart, anyway Ive got further! Now I'm stuck at the winSCP part, Ive ran drop bear, but when I try the winSCP login it gives me "connection refused"? Alternatively am I right to think I've got openwrt on it now and can just do it from the web interface? Thanks! We're getting there now!!
  23. Success! It's communicating now! But again it hasn't simply went smoothly, it's failing to upload the kernel now, will look around for similar issues but any ideas? It says ethernet1 is down or something but it says connected in network manager? Cheers
  24. No I've never installed a sketch or used the environment, I bought it pretty much to flash the router and then was gna play with it at some point later, do I need to do anything in the environment? It's installed on com3..
  25. Do I need anything from the arduino environment driver wise? It's coming up amongst devices as COM3 so Im guessing the driver is installed? but I do have a USB unknown device showing up also..
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