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  1. I'm encouraging you from here!!! Can't you hear me?!?!?!? ;D ...&& don't give up!!! ;)
  2. if you want to ground .. then yes! any gnd to any gnd will work! ..but i'm unsure your ground will reach the floor in some way... it depends on your entiere ground line.. (cables-pc-cables...-...-..) :)
  3. so, i hope i can't see you there anymore... :P
  4. forget to say.. connect arduino to Pineapple using only tx & rx and, when ready, power on the pineapple using her traditional power source..
  5. there is no "real" tension (voltage) passing through tx or rx... if you connect to your pineapple using only tx and rx, you should be able to dialog with the interface, whitout worring about vcc.. Don't panic, you are not going to brick anything (you can't de-brick!!) ;)
  6. excuuuse meee pleeease !!! :) for PIN I mean the sweet PINEAPPLE... sorry! :) you are welcome!
  7. If you are powering your PIN with an external source (as u should do), then you can connect only TX & RX, avoiding the connection of gnd & vcc (tested my PIN with 5v and 3,3 as well --> no issues there!) ;) !respect
  8. Hi Davepheadrus, ..sorry, I've not seen your thread before! :) try this USB TTL, it work just fine: http://www.amazon.co.uk/USB-Converter-Module-Built--CP2102/dp/B008RF73CS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1369477378&sr=8-3 ;) !respect
  9. hi ravenium, try reading this: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28844-cant-install-nodogsplash/ is a good start point ;)
  10. My choice was a Powergen power bank 12000mAh 3outs [ 1 x 5v 1A & 2 x 5v 2A(shared) totally 3Amps max output] a useful, tiny, longlasting and beautiful object too!! ;) charging input -> 5v - 12v 2A max (about 7h for a full charge @2Amps) http://www.amazon.co.uk/PowerGen-PGMPP12000-12000mAh-sensation-Thunderbolt/dp/B0085OB0IE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1368886617&sr=8-2 DISCLAIMER: I'm not in any way related to the producer/product/seller/etc.. I just want to share my personal exp.!!! I also find veeery useful in my setupz a short T usb cable from an old 3g usb (1 female full tx-rx connector and 2 males (1 full tx-rx and 1 only powered)) I tipically use it to power my usb hub (from powergen) while, at the same time, i connect to it my ext. alfa.. sorry i can't point you where you can find it! !respect
  11. thanks 4the infos billius!!! ..what a beautiful board will reach my hands soon...... :P !respect
  12. I understand that 3.0 is coming and, in my opinion you sould consider to preserve the css editor funcition, during remote use it is really handy! Try to imagine a bounch of simple buttons placed in column, to the side of the css editor text box, with below the "edit" link that when pressed displays in the text box the css file to (eventually) modify and a "save" function. Each button (labeled 4eg: corporate, term, clear, hi-cont, stealth, custom,..) triggers and applies a different/editable layout. sorry for the synthetic explanation.. !respect
  13. Why not implement into the config page of the web interface some kind of "quick layout selector"? The css editor is very useful, we know, but in my opinion would be more useful to have, in addiction, the ability to select different preconfigured css layouts, ready to apply. A quick layout trigger would result in a killer feature that will help to better hide in a social-context and, in the same time, will help you to better satisfy your eyes in different mood or light conditions :P!!! UNDERLINED:: I'm not talking about a pretty-fashion-hello-girly way to use our Pinz.. but a USEFUL way.. Eg.: a non-nerdish screen while @work, maybe an hi-contrast theme or a jamaican one, a fb-ish or transparent one.. WHOULD HELP !!! (((i can't remember where i read similar recomendations too.. but was pineapple-related! ;))) DISCLAIMER:: I'm not complaining about the actual web interface!!! i love it, ever loved, it has a great charm to me <3 ..but.. i've ever made some little adjustment to fit my personal needs or to avoid some "micro-bug" (eg.: when using a three lines menu, right and left panels overlay it.. and so on (micro-on!! ;) .. and we know that the css editor doesn't affect infusions... :P So.. what do you think about that, it wouldn't be awesome??? !respect
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