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Options on an alternative pineapple


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Seeing as shipping costs are a problem for me, I am confused on what alternatives I can buy to save money.

I found this standalone board on ebay (strange but very cheap); does this need hardware programming (usb ttl)?


Or to save even more money I can just get a TL-WR703N.... But it's not as fun. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SLBoat-The-TL-WR703N-Mod-64Mbyte-RAM-16Mbyte-Flash-And-TTLout-Inside-MicroUSB-/181078954797?pt=COMP_EN_Routers&hash=item2a2925932d <-- But then there's this freak of a thing...

Or should I get this: http://www.data-alliance.net/servlet/-strse-667/Alfa-Open-dsh-WRT-802.11n-AP/Detail - Which I know does not need evasive programming and is also a saving of $50 compared to the actual one from the hak5 shop.


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I would go with the one from data alliance I have used them to purchase that board before and it has worked great

And it doesn't need any hardware flashing?

Last thing I want to do is wait weeks for it to arrive and then wait a few more weeks to buy something I needed earlier.

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You will need to buy a serial cable to flash it, they are around $3-4 us on ebay. I pasted a link to one, there are many to choose from if you do a little searching.


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Just finished flashing mine this arvo.

Bought an ALFA 121u and Usb to UART chipped cable and away we go.

Worked just fine, done in about 20 mins of so.

Got a real buzz outta doing it myself too :)

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What about the TL-WR703N? Worth getting?

@Mnemonic - Brisbane ey? Me too! Where did you get your AP121U?

No, the TL-WR703N isn't really worth getting as it is not as powerful. That is my opinion anyway. It is also not FCC etc certified.

Flashing your own AP121U is really not time consuming though - as others have said, 20 minutes max.

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