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  1. What about the TL-WR703N? Worth getting? @Mnemonic - Brisbane ey? Me too! Where did you get your AP121U?
  2. Holy shit. Nerdgasm. What is the reason for all of this gear, could you guys explain each item?
  3. Even this one? http://www.data-alliance.net/servlet/-strse-667/Alfa-Open-dsh-WRT-802.11n-AP/Detail
  4. And it doesn't need any hardware flashing? Last thing I want to do is wait weeks for it to arrive and then wait a few more weeks to buy something I needed earlier.
  5. BWGroup


    Oh, right - sorry. I assume it won't be as fun as the actual ducky? Scripting wise. Seeing as there is no storage also.
  6. BWGroup


    This is all I have, is there still any use or development for it regarding ducky style things?
  7. Seeing as shipping costs are a problem for me, I am confused on what alternatives I can buy to save money. I found this standalone board on ebay (strange but very cheap); does this need hardware programming (usb ttl)? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ALFA-Hornet-UB-802-11n-Embedded-Board-w-1-USB-Port-Chipset-Atheros-AR9331-/281031495462?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item416ec84f26 Or to save even more money I can just get a TL-WR703N.... But it's not as fun. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SLBoat-The-TL-WR703N-Mod-64Mbyte-RAM-16Mbyte-Flash-And-TTLout-Inside-MicroUSB-/181078954797?pt=COMP_EN_Routers&
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