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" List available Infusions (aka modules)" CGI error


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Hi Ya'll,So I tried to get some new modules onto my new USB drive. However, when I clicked the "List available Infusions (aka modules)" link, it took a long timethen I saw "The CGI process did not produce any response".

I went into my MarkIV module.php page and saw this code:

$remoteModules = getRemoteList();
        if(trim($remoteModules[0]) == "") echo "<center><font color=red>".$strings["modules-available-error"]."</font></center>";
        else drawRemoteModules($remoteModules);

With the getRemoteList() being:

function getRemoteList(){
	$remoteFile = trim(@file_get_contents("http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/index.php?downloads&moduleList"));
	$modules = explode("\n", $remoteFile);
	return $modules;

and drawRemoteModules() being:

function drawRemoteModules($modules){
	global $strings;
	echo "<table>";
	echo "<tr><th>".$strings["modules-table-name"]."</th><span></span><th>".$strings["modules-table-version"]."</th><th>".$strings["modules-table-author"]."</th><th>".$strings["modules-table-description"]."</th><th>".$strings["modules-table-size"]."</th><th>".$strings["modules-table-action"]."</th></tr>";
	foreach($modules as $module){
		if($module != ""){
			$module = explode("|", $module);
			echo "<tr><td>$module[0]</td><td>$module[1]</td><td>$module[2]</td><td>$module[3]</td><td>$module[4]K</td><td align=right>".downloadLink($module)."</td></tr>\n";
	echo "</table>";

I know that CGI error may come from a timeout or a no ouput returned from the script, but looking at the code I don't see anything that would cause any of those conditions. I'm stumped here, do you guys/gals have any ideas? Is anyone else receiving this error?

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Sorry bout that, I just saw the guidelines to submit. Here is the info:

  • Pineapple Hardware Version: MarkIV
  • Pineapple Software Version: Version 2.7.0
  • OS used to connect to the pineapple: Windows 7
  • Network layout of how your setup is connected : Windows tethered using Ethernet adapter as depicted in the Wiki (
  • All the tools/options that are running on the pineapple when the issue happened: N/A (There are no modules on it)
  • Ping results from computer to pineapple: 0% Data loss
  • Is the problem repeatable (Yes/No): For me, yes.
  • Steps taken which created the problem: None that I can tell, plugged in a USB?
  • Error Messages: "The CGI process did not produce any response "
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