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wash/reaver (glitch/error) pineapple IV


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There seems to be a glitch of some sort with wash/reaver on the pineapple IV wash doesn't detect WPS enabled AP's

when running wash on its own

wash -i mon0 it shows errors, with wash -i mon0 -C ( --ignore-fcs) shows nothing.

running wifite.py (which needs python to run) it shows WPS enabled AP's.

so running the commands that wifite uses.

airodump-ng -a -w /usb/tmp/wifite mon0 (airodump writes a file to /usb/tmp )


wash -f /usb/tmp/wifite-01.cap -C (wash reads the file for wps enabled AP's)

it then shows the AP that's wps enabled but under wps it says NO

why does wifite show the AP as wps (which uses wash to detect it) but wash on its own does not ?

I have included some pictures only kevnet is wps enabled





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Just to confirm I am also having the same troubles with wash I have not tried wifite. problem is exactly as stated no AP's show up even though I have two routers next to me running WPS and gave it plenty of time to detect.

I guess the best way to use wash on the pineapple IV is with airodump

First run: airodump-ng -a -w /usb/tmp/wpsscan mon0

Then use wash to detect wps enabled AP's by reading the file created by airodump

wash -f /usb/tmp/wpsscan-01.cap -C

wash will only show AP's that are wps enabled even though is says NO under wps in the output it is wps enabled.

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I'm running the 2.8.1 firmware and had the same problem. I've read here (http://forums.kali.org/archive/index.php/t-89.html) that, in order to run wash, you need this package "libsqlite3-dev", at least in regular GNU/Linux distros.

Besides that, it seems that you also need to create the directory "/etc/reaver/" (http://em3rgency.com/a-great-kali-update-script/):


#FIX wash
apt-get -y install libsqlite3-dev &>/dev/null
mkdir -p /etc/reaver &>/dev/null


So, in my case, after finding out that the package "libsqlite3" was already installed, I created the "/etc/reaver" directory and now wash is showing results!

Edit: http://code.google.com/p/reaver-wps/issues/detail?id=46#c37

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