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  1. this commands could change mode to monitor on wlan0,but still cant brute pins
  2. Still Failed to associate with reaver same problem with Web UI. Firmware 2.8.1 I bought it for reaver........and it's useless. No one could give the answer,tried different order of commands..... Where're you my Hero !?!??!
  3. It'll be rather usefull to make hold button function,for example LEFTARROW
  4. CAn someone say what is my trouble with reaver and my MK4? i have latest firmware 2.8.0,only reaver installed and it's on usb. Other tools like sslstrip,DNSspoofing,MITM are working perfectly,but i need reaver leaved in dark corner. Tried to do brute forcing from command line via ssh and from web-UI on 3 different APs(and on mine too).Nothing works, reaver just waiting for beacon for sometime and then gives warning "Failed to associate". Tried to disable wlan0 - no effect. Tried airodump-ng :it's hopping channels and catching beacons as well. Tried wash: it finds all wps-enabled APs. I read on the Reaver project page(googlecode) that the problem might be in the Big-Endian.I understand what it mean,but can't solve this problem alone.any suggestions? PS i'll pray if it will be solved.
  5. is there any TEch Support?reaver is what i need. MK4 will be perfect for hidding in a dark corner for a long time with battery pack and reaver running.
  6. Yes ,i tried brute forcing 3 different APs with enabled wps,that i cracked before. One of them mine.(enabled wps for testing)
  7. "Warning:Failed to associate to ......" 1)Install reaver module on usb 2)install reaver on usb from the module page 3)Disable AP from status page 4)enable wlan0 on reaver page 5)start mon0 from page 6)scan APs,choose target 7)disable wlan0 8)Start attack Three last steps were advised earlier. And wash is working after disabling wlan0.
  8. Yes,and reaver brutes them. But after your instructions my wash doesn't detect any WPS APs
  9. I'm sure about wps because tried that AP with reaver on nokia N900. Strange that airodump-ng catches Beacons(ssh),wash can detect wps enabled APs(ssh), but reaver(ssh and gui)....is cursed.
  10. Tried many times. And what may be wrong with MK4? PS http://code.google.com/p/reaver-wps/issues/detail?id=46 a lot of people have this trouble
  11. Still warnings and "Failed to associate with......" Tried to do all above.
  12. After that wash doesn't detect any APs.
  13. I start to think that my MK4 is broken,reflashed many-many times different firmware versions and Rever still "Waiting for beacon" no matter how to start it through web UI or ssh.
  14. so you had the same problem and it solved by itself?
  15. My n900 can crack this AP so i'm in range.I even tried to set channel manually before brute.(airodump-ng scanning on all channels perfect). Wash scanning works only after this commands: ifconfig wlan0 down airmon-ng stop mon0 airmon-ng stop wlan0 iwconfig wlan0 mode Monitor ifconfig wlan0 up airmon-ng start wlan0 wash -i mon0 -C What else can i try to make reaver working?APs signal power is about 80. _______ I found strange output when tried to launch reaver and aireplay-ng -1 999 -a..... aireplay is waiting for beacon on channel "-1".iw config shows normall frequency of the 4-th channel.Maybe need to install some kernel patch
  16. like "Waiting for Beacon from XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX" for a long time Now i'm thinking that there is no association at all in this situation.
  17. Doesn't help. I could only determine what i need to do to make wash working good: ifconfig wlan0 down airmon-ng stop mon0 airmon-ng stop wlan0 iwconfig wlan0 mode Monitor ifconfig wlan0 up airmon-ng start wlan0 wash -i mon0 -C....
  18. Is there any cure for "Waiting for beacon..." trouble for MK4 2.8? It's very sad without reaver. Tried to do all above.
  19. MK4 2.8.0 doesnt associate to any access point too. Is it gonna be repaired or it's an unknown reason for now?
  20. Hi, Finnaly,all is working fine (if pineapple reboots-make swap bigger).And now i have a ?question? ?Is there any requirments for custom .py scripts?I found one backdoor, and if i choose this script I can't even view the webpage.
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