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  1. Thanks for the share, I have been thinking about doing some modifications to mine with an internal usb hub and an SD card port as well. I also was going to be working on implementing the ubertooth into the Pineapple and was even thinking about builing a module perhaps, for the Ubertooth to be utilized. but great job for the mods you did and thanks for sharing, I would be interested in any upgrades you do in the future so please share any updates with us, it always good to see people doing hardware mods instead of only software mods.
  2. Please have patience for responses, the reason u probably didnt get a response is most people are running Mark version routers not the orginal Fonera routers. To explain the internet should be shared though a computer with ICS enabled this provides the internet connection to the "victims" of the Fonera so the connections should look like this Victim >> [ (Wlan0 Fonera) .. (Eth0 Fonera) ] >> [ (Eth0 ICS'd computer) (Wlan or other Internet connection ICS computer) ] >>>>Internet I hope this helps you get your Fonera setup, I highly encourage you to upgrade to a Mark version router, I own a Fonera and now a Mark IV and while the Foneras are cool and they work the Mark version routers definitely havae many many improvements in hardware and software, the modules add so much functionality its not even funny when comparing the routers. Anyhow hope I have helped you finish your setup, if not let me know and Ill help as I can.
  3. Just to confirm I am also having the same troubles with wash I have not tried wifite. problem is exactly as stated no AP's show up even though I have two routers next to me running WPS and gave it plenty of time to detect.
  4. Thank you makes perfect sense, I just thought that was handled differently thx for the explaination and the quick response, your awsome
  5. Hello, sorry if this has been discussed previously but I have a used the Fon for a while now I just got a Mark IV, props to the development team btw I love all the new features, hardware, and modules :). Anyhow I see that my Mark IV is connecting to http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/ip.php It apparently reports my ip and I was wondering why this info is being collected, I have read the Pinenumbers forum post but this information was not mentioned in that post. What is the purpose of this connection, If I update my host file to not connect to wifipineapple.com is this going to stop any functionality besides updates and downloading the modules? Thanks for your time and explaination of this functionality
  6. You could stop by and see the first dead drops :D If you dont know what dead drops are its a file sharing process in response to the lawsuits over p2p downloads. The guy that started the idea lives in New York since then there have been many following his footsteps you can get the map of all deaddrop locations on the site. check out this site for more info http://deaddrops.com/ and make sure your careful to scan the files to make sure they are malicious Whatever you do decide to do make sure you have fun man!
  7. This page may be of interest to you however I wish he would have put the Fonera flat panel antenea in there as well nonetheless great info on the performance of various antaneas on the fonera http://www.365discoveries.com/2009/08/wi-fi-antennas-on-the-cheap-802-11-wireless/ Make sure to click on the picture or visit here also http://www.365discoveries.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/365d_fon_trials.png
  8. What Jasager does while running on a router is spoofs other network names making the connecting client connect to your Jasager driven router instead of the normal network. From there you probably want to give them internet so they dont think anything is wrong. you can hook it right to your regular router that servs your internet connection OR even more interesting have it go to a computer that shares its internet connection. This computer need to have two ethernet cards one to connect to your internet and the other to connect wired to the Fonera or other router running Jasager. you need to setup ICS on this computer the procedure to do this depends on what OS your running but there are plenty of posts about setting this up in these forums. Hope this clarifies what you need to do.
  9. If your just looking for a program to connect to open networks check out Auto AP. You put the program on your router and it will automatically connect you to the strongest open wifi connection in the area. you can also set some advanced settings about which ones to connect to and also make your home network the default if its in the area. Google AutoAP hope that helps
  10. The size of the power plug has been discussed in this post http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=15811 Furthermore yes the power adapter is available from RadioShack I dont have the part number but mine was from radio shack why dont you take it into radioshack with you and tell them to match it? that would be the easiest way if they have it onhand. goodluck with your project
  11. Digininja has a DIY serial cable guide that is quite simple check it out on his site http://www.digininja.org/projects/fon_serial_cable.php
  12. Fon just sent me a newsletter for the Fon Simpl router just wondering if anyone knows the chipset of these new routers. I was wondering if they were able to be flashed with the jasager firmware? anyone who has specs or has tried to flash these Ide like to know thx. There spec page doesnt tell much info http://corp.fon.com/en/products/simpl/ Lame that it doesnt work but thx for the feedback Darren <<S>>
  13. Digi is correct sometimes XP will negotiate a non encrypted connection however all the versions I have seen do this you will be also be warned also certain firewalls will warn of the change.
  14. Ok a couple things first is the computer connecting at all? like using a different SSID? If you are using windows XP look for a connected SSID that is a random string and check the MAC address windows XP is strange because when it is not connected to an AP it tries to connect to SSID's with random names if Jasager is in BLACKLIST mode then it will spoof these strange SSID's you can try putting jasager in WHITELIST mode and adding the SSID of test into the list If you still can't get it to connect try going into the settings and check "connect even if this network is not broadcast" This will surely work Also note that if you are using IE then you will have problems IE for some reason doesnt update the status of the router the fix is to use Firefox hope this helps let us know what happens
  15. If you can get redboot access you can simply start over however if you cant then you need to move to a serial cable to debrick it Digi has a good tutorial on making a cheap one on his site check it out if your gonna need the serial cable http://www.digininja.org/fon_serial/ hope you can get it back up as this is a real fun project and has many benifits. Let us know how things progress
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