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  1. I'm running the 2.8.1 firmware and had the same problem. I've read here (http://forums.kali.org/archive/index.php/t-89.html) that, in order to run wash, you need this package "libsqlite3-dev", at least in regular GNU/Linux distros. Besides that, it seems that you also need to create the directory "/etc/reaver/" (http://em3rgency.com/a-great-kali-update-script/): ... #FIX wash apt-get -y install libsqlite3-dev &>/dev/null mkdir -p /etc/reaver &>/dev/null ... So, in my case, after finding out that the package "libsqlite3" was already installed, I created the "/etc/reaver" dire
  2. First of all, congratulations for the great work Moriarty and Whistle Master! And now the doubt: I've found that when trying to launch any of the "Airodump" commands from a monitor interface it just doesn't work. I can see the pop-up with the command (for example: airodump-ng --output-format csv -w ../data/captura mon0 >/dev/null 2>/dev/null), but no file is created in "data". The thing is that if I launch that command from a SSH terminal, then I can see how the file is created and it appears in the GUI. Does it happens to anyone else? Maybe it's corrected in UWUI version 0.52? (The i
  3. Ok, finally found the configuration that works! First, I had to use the ttyUSB4 interface: ... uci set network.wan2.device=/dev/ttyUSB4 ... And also had to change the number of the ATD command in /etc/chatscripts/3g.chat (I think that this is related to the 3g operator): ... OK "ATD*99#" ...
  4. Hi, We just bought a WiFi Pineapple Mark IV and we are not able to configure a ZTE MF110 with Movistar (Spain). We are using version 2.8.1 and this is our information: lsusb output Bus 001 Device 005: ID 19d2:0124 ZTE WCDMA Technologies MSM Switch case *19d2:0124*) echo "ZTE MF110 (Movistar) detected. Attempting mode switch" uci delete network.wan2 uci set network.wan2=interface uci set network.wan2.ifname=ppp0 uci set network.wan2.proto=3g uci set network.wan2.service=umts
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