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Monitoring Programs?


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I guess it depends on what you are doing. You could script it with built in tools from various systems, or possibly even check things with SNMP and some more scripting, but there are commands between windows and the *nix based systems from the command line that show all running processes if thats what you are after.

Tasklist shows running programs in windows, and ps shows them in linux. Each use various switches for different things, but for say a network return of what programs are talking on the network, vs just OS programs running, netstat on both windows and linux can show ports listening and connected and the programs running the connections. There is another program in linux I can't think of that also shows network sockets and the programs using them, I think its lsof, but can't remember off the top of my head right now.

I'm sure you could google for off the shelf products too, that probably automate much of the same thing while delivering reports on each "workstation" and whats running on them as well. Sysinternals might even have some tools for windows to do this, but I haven't checked their tools out in a long time. Most of their tools allow connecting to other machines on the network to do tasks, you would just have to combine the use of a few of them and script up the details for what you want sent back to you.

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There is a command in Windows, called Tasklist, it lists all the processes running on the background. If you want to display all the current processes running on a remote machine, I would recommend you to use PSexec + tasklist.

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