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  1. Yea maybe a cracking rig, In that case what kind of motherboards and graphic cards would u go with?
  2. Dual core... I bought a lot of dell e3660 from a business that folded all have 3rd gen dual core i7 and 8gb of ddr3. Please throw out some ideas I'm having trouble picking a direction....
  3. I got a pile of i7s and ddr3 Any one have build suggestions?
  4. I think I read something posted by Seb a while back, but no luck finding it... What are the differences between the two, are they designed for specific purposes or are they interchangable?
  5. Not that I've tried it, but...... I don't see why you couldn't config the ettercap infusion for wlan1. Then arp posion mitm.
  6. I know how to edit the systems hosts file to point a url to a local server rather than a public dns... Can I direct a path to a file on the same machine EX: If i open firefox and go to www.wikipedia/elephants.com i want it to open the saved version i have in my documents rather than the ip address of wikipedia.
  7. Thanks Digip, thats exactly what i was looking for wget is great. Got another similar thread comin atchya...
  8. Question: If i clone a web page that contains links to other web pages will they still work? -For example, i clone an index.html. -the real index.html has links to other pages on the site. - i am redirecting my network's taffic to my clone of index.html that is on my pc - if a machine on my network clicks a link on my cloned page will the machine still resort to public dns and go to the speficif web page online?
  9. theyettihunta


    Does anyone have any information regarding "UAT" (University of Advancing Technology" I am looking into getting a bachelor's degree in networking and came across this school, looks pretty cool, but I've never heard of it. Advice? Experience?
  10. I was wondering about administration tools for monitoring programs on a network. For example a tool that allows the admin to view programs being run by other machines on the network. Does anyone know a tool/tools for something like this?
  11. The laser is just reflecting from the car? What about a non reflective car; non-reflecive paint, or line the outside of body with rubber haha
  12. Does anyone know how to DNS spoof to change image files on a network? Ive heard about this hack and I am curious. From what I understand the image file types of the requested web page must be redirected to the spoofed server.
  13. How should I reformat the hard drive and with what, so that I can install windows first
  14. So I installed bt5 and it fixed everything. I boot windows and installed it and went through the setup process and had a clean dual boot. I walked away as drivers were installing. When I came back I plugged in an external hd, and looked at the monitor to find windows shutting down and I just assumed it had to restart after installing drivers or something. Now the computer continuously restarts and can't boot the hd yet again only this time it isn't showing anything when it tries, the monitor displays a message saying no signal. I thought this was very bizarre but I really think it happened because I plugged In that external hd. I'm going to just repeat the entire process again, but I'm just curious does anyone have a guess at what might have happened? Thanks to all who helped.
  15. Thanks everyone I just got home and I'm burning a new BT iso. I really appreciate it, il post with my results.
  16. I'm confused, could you numerically list the steps involved? I think your telling me the first step is to reformat the entire hard drive, what tools can I use to do that? Also, I'm not sure what OS your suggesting I install first.
  17. Yea il give it a try when I get home, and it defiantly wouldn't be a clean install if I downloaded The Windows 7 ISO thru torrents haha
  18. I have a copy of windows vista 32 bit lying around and could probably get my hands on an xp disc. Is there a way to use one of those discs soley for the repair tool, then re-run the recovery discs to install 7 as factory install??
  19. Thanks looks like an easy fix. One problem I don't have Windows 7 on disc... Is there somewhere I can download it, Im not having much luck finding it and I don't understand why considering I would still have to enter a product key. Is it just an ISO file I can burn and boot from?
  20. Well if your trying to play it real safe you could always VPN into a single computer network that is fully patched and has a commercially licensed anti-virus. And run that computer through tor with Firefox security addons that warn you about sketchy sites. Also, look into blacklisting/whitelisting. You can monitor and block threats of many different connection types this way. Also running black sheep to prevent session hijacking will increase security. No script is another great addon for secure browsing. Avoid using auto logins and remember me's. Make passwords complicated using a combination of letters, numbers and characters and use as many different passwords as you can. And never store them on an unencrypted file... if you must digitally store them. Avoid cloud services... this absolutely is less secure than having hard copies of data because using a cloud service, storing personal files online, means your data that you store in the cloud is sent online every time you download or upload to it, which just opens up opportunity for threats FIREWALLS: For maximum security firewalls can be configured at a router level and on individual computers. Also, you could dedicate hardware to being a firewall for the the network which is probably the most secure one of the three. And if your really paranoid use onscreen keyboards for passwords instead of a traditional key board as this can eliminate many ways black hats can exploit users with key loggers. Sorry to be so thorough, but I wanted you to have some good options on the table. All that I listed are certainly not the measures a common user takes for computer security, and even if you went through all that trouble to secure your data there are many hackers who if determined enough, would not be detected with 24/7 connection and packet logs. Oh and on one last side note, If your on Linux you can spoof your Mac address before connecting to the internet, so that if a hacker did manage to trace your ip address he could be greatly delayed in identifying his target machine without the correct Mac address being attached to its outbound connections.
  21. I'm planning on getting into pc gaming and really don't know much about it, I've stayed mostly console. I was wondering if someone could give me a good scale of the specs I need. What are the minimum Specs required to run a game like SWTOR or ? V.S. An fps such as battlefield or cal of duty?
  22. And yes my hard Drive is listed in the BIOS
  23. It seems like you know what the problem is. Looking forward to a response, thanks infiltrator. I called geek squad hoping that they could tell me te solution, as I did purchase the pc from bestbuy with a year of subscription to geek squad services. The year was up and they couldn't help, despite me never using them once before. Or , I could pay them $50 dollars to come solve this issue. Screw that... I'm trusting my Technolust.
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