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  1. Most magstripes store the data plain text, so sorting it out isn't that big of an issue. Just fire up a text editor then swipe the card. Back in another life I used to have a formula stored in excel that would automagically calculate the CVN on the back of a card, of course that was over 10 years ago and things change...
  2. If anyone is interested, I exchanged my flash drive today for an identical one, and it worked this time. Still had some weird issues. For some reason I couldn't run bootinstall.sh in linux. I tried changing ownership and permissions. In the end I had to fire up XP in virtualbox and run bootinstall.bat to get it to work. I'm not sure if it matters, but I didn't follow the exact instructions when I killed the first flash drive, or the second time when it worked. Rather than extracting straight to the flash drive the first time I just copy and pasted in gnome. The second time I used "mv" from the terminal.
  3. I've always wanted to try this: http://freaklabs.org/index.php/Tutorials/Software/Feeding-the-Shark-Turning-the-Freakduino-into-a-Realtime-Wireless-Protocol-Analyzer-with-Wireshark.html
  4. Still don't have a 360 but planning on buying one. I've actually been trying to encourage someone with a WiiU to do the same thing....
  5. So far the only thing I have found on it that is remotely vulnerable is dnsmasq-2.47, and I haven't even been able to exploit that. I'm wondering if there would be a way to spoof a meraki server and ssl cert, maybe ARP spoof and ettercap over wired network? Have you tried opening yours up yet? I read on a ddwrt forum that someone found pictures of the internals on the FCC website, but when I search the FCC ID nothing comes up.
  6. I figure after the holidays I will send it in, for now I just went and bought another one. They are on sale for $9 so it doesn't hurt too bad. I just think it's weird that installing katana on it killed it. I used to keep backtrack on it and had no problems. The only bit of progress I have been able to make is with fsck.vfat and even after I try to repair it says "filesystem unchanged" /PortableApps/ClamWinPortable Contains a free cluster (1026232). Assuming EOF. /PortableApps/7-ZipPortable/App/DefaultData Contains a free cluster (1026062). Assuming EOF. /PortableApps/7-ZipPortable/App/readme.txt Contains a free cluster (1026066). Assuming EOF. /PortableApps/7-ZipPortable/App/readme.txt File size is 171 bytes, cluster chain length is 0 bytes. Truncating file to 0 bytes. /PortableApps/7-ZipPortable/App/7-Zip Contains a free cluster (1026067). Assuming EOF. /PortableApps/7-ZipPortable/App/7-Zip64/7z.dll Contains a free cluster (1025920). Assuming EOF. /PortableApps/7-ZipPortable/App/7-Zip64/7z.dll File size is 1422336 bytes, cluster chain length is 434176 bytes. Truncating file to 434176 bytes. /PortableApps/7-ZipPortable/App/7-Zip64/descript.ion Contains a free cluster (1026041). Assuming EOF. /PortableApps/7-ZipPortable/App/7-Zip64/descript.ion File size is 333 bytes, cluster chain length is 0 bytes. Truncating file to 0 bytes. /PortableApps/7-ZipPortable/App/7-Zip64/7z.sfx Contains a free cluster (1026042). Assuming EOF. /PortableApps/7-ZipPortable/App/7-Zip64/7z.sfx File size is 162816 bytes, cluster chain length is 0 bytes. Truncating file to 0 bytes. Free cluster summary wrong (1373793 vs. really 1373997) [/CODE]
  7. No, it's an hp 165r 16gb. It looks like it's actually manufactured by PNY though.
  8. Has anyone else killed their flashdrive installing Katana on it? Everything seemed to be going fine, next thing I know I'm having a bunch of errors so I cancelled out of everything and wanted to start over. Now my flash drive is read-only. Tried editing fstab and pretty much everything else I could google. Nothing worked. When I mount the drive in windows the label is "portableapps.com". I figure it's probably because I used a cheap-o drive, but thought I would ask if anyone had similar problems.
  9. My file server/media center is an old HP Pavilion 2.4Ghz 1GB ram and ATI Radeon 6500 running Ubuntu 10.10. I can stream via SMB and miniDLNA at the same time while my daughter plays on Disneyjunior.com with no problems. I think I paid $20 total...
  10. Suing might be the wrong route to go, but I personally feel that something needs to be done. It kind of goes along with all of the rights that are slowly being stripped away from us. If people just keep bending over and taking it a little deeper, next thing you know it's poking you in the back of the throat. I feel that people ESPECIALLY the young ones need to be taught that they don't have to accept their rights being slowly stripped away, and I hate to say it, but hitting institutions in their wallets is pretty much the equivalent to kicking them in the nuts. Money is the only thing anyone understands anymore.
  11. My thoughts exactly. I not one of those "I slipped on the PeePee at Costco" people, but it sounds like at the least you can get them to pay for a decent college education for you. They outright admitted to profiling you and punishing you for something they can't prove. Even in a trial by jury there is the "burden of proof". I'm not your mom and I don't know where you stand financially, but free money is free money. You probably won't ever have to go to court 10 to 1 says they settle, and if they do have your legal fees thrown into the settlement....
  12. So I got my free meraki AP yesterday, and don't really have a use for it as is(free is free right?). I was planning on repurposing it as either a makeshift pineapple or a VPN appliance. The only information I have been able to find is on the meraki mini. Which in no way resembles the MR12. Does anyone out there have any information or suggestions that would help? The only ports this hang has are 2 RJ45(10/100/1000/PoE/uplink, and a 10/100) and a power port. It looks like it's held closed by 2 security screws and probably some clips from the inside. I read in the cheesy pamphlet that came with it that it updates quarterly via SSL. I can post some pictures of it if anyone would like...
  13. I'm not a lawyer, but isn't there a law that says regardless of what a contract says, if it violates ones rights then it is null and void?
  14. Have you tried flashing your meraki AP yet? I have been searching around for a way to install Jasaeger and all of the information is from 2009-10. My AP is on a UPS track on its way to me and I kind of want to be able to hit the ground running when it shows up...
  15. I was just reading about this on /. it seems that we aren't the only ones refusing to sign just the most spin-worthy since we a capitalist-infidel pigs. I mean the general consensus is that the US already knows and watches what everyone is doing so why censor it when groups like the NCTC now have basically what amounts to free reign over warrantless wiretapping all in the name of homeland insecurity http://yro.slashdot.org/story/12/12/13/1737240/nctc-gets-vast-powers-to-spy-on-us-citizens
  16. It looks like you're at the point of no return from the picture. I don't think you can wipe the pattern lock once you have gotten to that screen. You're going to need gmail credentials... http://einartysen.se/unlock-android-phone-after-too-many-pattern-attempts/
  17. If the phone has "USB debugging" enabled then you can use ADB to do pretty much whatever you want to the phone. If debugging isn't on I'm not really sure what your options are. If his wife turns her head without locking her phone it takes about 5 seconds to turn on debugging, then just delete gestures.key(not sure off the top of my head where it's located). Also try googling the command "adb backup"
  18. I get the North/Southbridge part. The thing I don't get is all of the "What slot/socket is (insert cpu)" stuff. I took a quick glance at the 801 objectives and didn't see anything about it, and comptia only gives you practice questions from 701 and 702.
  19. Found the following here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itpronetworking/thread/040bb9e7-bfa2-4b24-9386-0316739785b7 To hide computers on the network, you can proceed in two ways in Windows XP-based computers or Windows Server 2003 May at a command prompt, run the command net config server config server/hidden: yes to hide or net config server/hidden: no config server to display. Another way is to create a REG_DWORD with the name Hidden input and value 1 to hide and value 0 to display in the Windows registry at HKEYLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Lanmanserver\Parametres For equipment based on Windows vista/2008/7/2008r2 Besides these procedures above you should disable the following Windows services to ensure that your equipment will not be located on the network. SSDP Discovery Service Computer browser UPnP Device Host
  20. I know there is a lot of talk around here about CCNA and such, but I am getting ready to take my lowly A+. I have found a lot of free study guides for the 700 series of the tests, and bought the Meyers A+ study guide which I am almost done with. So far the only thing I am struggling with are processor slots and sockets. I know you sign an agreement or something not to talk about the test, but I was wondering how heavily this is tested on in the tests. Also, does anyone that have any pointers before I go plop down $300? Thanks
  21. Worked like a charm! Sorry about the typo actual url was amerangaragedoors.com. I was only halfway into a pot of coffee. What was I doing wrong? I noticed that you use -rH when I just used -H it seemed like wget was trying to download the entire interent.
  22. Here is what I normally use(I added the useragent string you showed me) #!/bin/sh echo "Enter Site:" read SITE wget -r -p --save-headers --auth-no-challenge --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)" $SITE [/CODE] : my friends site is amerangaragedoor.com and the redirect is cdn.amerangaragedoor.com. The site is nothing fancy and my original plan was just to wget the site change a few things and upload it to another host so he could stop giving someone money for nothing.
  23. There is no authentication, and I can still browse the site with cookies disabled. I found this in the page source: <script type="text/javascript">var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www.");document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));</script> [/CODE] But that just looks like tracking nonsense. There is also a meta tag titled verify-v1, but on the next line it refers to the content in "google-site-verification". I also noticed that there is a line that requests the background from "/images" rather than the redirected domain, but wget still only grabs index.html it never sees an "images" subdir. The whois on the TLD shows all of my buddies information through and through. Name, address, everything. Would it be legal to try more nefarious routes if he gave me his permission? Or would it be a waste of time since everything that I want is on a subdomain(cdn.blah.com) which doesn't belong to him
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