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  1. define not many people know how to use it... Most people don't use it but its nothing but a google away, plus i find a vz dump an easy way to boot your os in single user and own your data. As far as using amazon encryption set is a half and half deal. It is most likely secure but with them handling over 99 percent of it makes me worried, I would see if the source for it is open and tested to not have easy openings, Nothing beats a good encryption on your local machine done by you with the keys you choose as far as security in that sense. ( Dont write your key on a sticky note and hide it under your keyboard )
  2. I hope you guys have already modded to DD-wrt or Openwrt on those devices
  3. I would double check and try what digip says first. Then I am not sure, The Hakshop does a great job at taking care of the customers but I have no first experience on a return with them. I know sandisk will take care of it due to the fact that I have sent in 5 or 6 drives to them now. So its a up to you deal -- I feel like both are good options.
  4. I feel like you have one of the bad sandisk usb sticks -- there was a production run that went bad and quite a few people had the read only issue. Toss it into a normal computer and see if you can partition it again. If it fails -- call sandisk and get a replacement.
  5. No, You need to have the right wifi chipset which is atheros
  6. hhmm well i know sandisk had an issue a bit back. I have a bad PNY one -- i would just call them / rma it. the should send you out a new one pretty easily
  7. Do you have a sandisk flash drive? Did you purchase it in the last 9 months?
  8. ooo can anyone say lots of little hidden files. Could take forever to index that stuff
  9. I would hope any nuclear research facility would be running some kind of back up or something. Now I know there are stupid people everywhere I think the best way to mess with someone would not be blank there hard drive ( throws up a giant warning flag ) but to just modify a few section of a couple files ( takes forever to figure this out ). As an example what if someone changed a few resistors on the file for the rubber ducky -- Would you check that before getting it manufactured. this just reminds me of telling people new to linux rm -rf /
  10. Its like carrying around a hammer and breaking the screen, Whats the point other than destruction. I guess the hammer would be better because it doesn't need any privileges.
  11. sweet thank you for clearing it up. Cool part about using the teensy is you could write code to do it instead of having that huge list of numbers
  12. I am not 100 percent sure without testing but just use a reboot command and then pause the duck for how ever long the machine takes to reboot. your issue could be that when the mac reboots it resets the usb power which would reset the duck. If that is the case then you need to look at running the duck of outside power but then again you might have initiaztion issues when you plug it in. I do not have a duck to test with, I am using a teensy for this stuff
  13. I bricked a pineapple mk2 and cut that up for a case. But I would like to buy one of these http://pibow.com/ its the smallest case i could find and then you can set the colors i different orders to seperate your pis if you have more than one
  14. If you shutdown the computer, I want to say your going to be out of luck. Worth looking into more In the old days Mac keyboards had a power button on it, Now it is gone. I guess if you could find out what that button was and did you might be able to have it work then
  15. I think the trick is going to be hacking a keyboard dock connector to get the pins right
  16. Not just battery but a battery in between the wall socket and the device, My cable modem has a battery backup in it. My servers sit on a Large APC unit If my router did not have a battery setup how would any system email/call me to say hey powers out? And yea I am not quite sure how it became a thing
  17. just tell your system to use a differnet ip for dns. - google - i forgot who are some that will work.
  18. Ok, all this is guessing as you go. You should dial into the modem and see what kinda of signal your are actually getting. I have a docsis 3 from comcast, it is made by arris. if i punch in into my browser it takes me to the modem status pages. there are two numbers that are important and will help you determine if the cable is any good or not. Now its been a while but I believe your downstream should be somewhere around 0 or so -- mine is -3 to -4 and I no longer remember what the SNR should be but mine is around 37 On the upstream it is is at 50. Now again its been a while but i think at the pole its 64 or so and anything lower than 45 will give you some hassle. Also I get called all the time about my internet being slow and normally trace it down to someone on wifi B or if its just the page loading its the DNS servers. I would try to download a DVD from ubuntu or someone that can swamp your connection and see what kind of speeds your are getting, Plug right into the modem or something so you are sure it is not your network. I find this better than speedtest.net and others because it will give you a real world idea with more than 45 seconds to determine the real speed. I am unsure of the connection I am currently paying for but I get 1.3 megs a second which is the max for my connection. I believe we are also on the 15 meg setup but will have to ask what we are paying for. So without any numbers or data saying your internet is slow is like saying I pee faster when drinking beer than water.
  19. uumm what do you mean ac power only, they are dc power only and shipped with a wall wort. The wall wort you plug in is a ac to dc transformer taking 120v ac to 5v dc. I dont use the wall worts when I have the battery the larger arm devices like the o-droid x and its upgraded version are great but 2x or 3x the price. And might make sense because some of the usb ports have there own bus, while your not going to get 1000meg a sec speeds out of it. It should at least max out both 100meg ethernet connections before swamping both busses. As for smoothwall, I am unsure if they have a version for ARM or not, I just run a Debian setup and handle most of it myself.
  20. I get some odd looks as people walk into my apartment past my 42U rack, unless they are computer people. I currently run a raspberry pi off a ankle 10,000 mah battery at my parents house, with the battery plugged in and charging while powering the pi, when the power goes out the battery takes over and I have 10 hours until the pi dies, It beats the pants off the large apc unit in size and run time that i got for my servers. ( with only the pi on the apc its like max 1 hour and the apc is rackmount size )
  21. I think running on smaller hardware like this is a great idea but there a few issues that are just going to be resolved as the world opens up to arm / low power devices. Issues I can think of from the top of my head 1. Smoothwall is not compiled for arm that I know of. ( maybe that will be fixed soon when more computers are arm based ) 2. The wifi card, the Sd card, the ethernet, and the usb port share the same bus ( slow speed thru the network cause of the bus ) Things that I think are ok 1. Processor speed is fine for a router 2. get a battery pack from the hakshop and hours of backup easy 3. Noise and Size, You could just hide this and no one would ever know And I find that cisco thing kinda cool I can set that up with a decent firewall setup and auto connection to a vpn ( I just hand them to the stupid salesmen and people like my parents and say anytime your out of the office/house and connect to a network use this. then they are secure without me have to mess with there computer at all )
  22. You can try the pwnpie website. But I figure that image is overclocked and your pi is just not liking it, mount the disk and dial back the overclock then try also a post of a syslog or something would be nice to have otherwise its all a shot in the dark
  23. wow this makes me wonder if there is a way to figure out what the second form is, other than signing up for the service yourself. example -- when you log on a webpage it could just check to see if your ip opened other special page on that server. Or it sends you that text measage. Is there a way you tell ? My guess is that you would need to see server code or sign up for the stuff yourself.
  24. ok it might be the driver but I am a unsure. nl80211: interface wlan0 in phy phy0 rfkill: Cannot open RFKILL control device nl80211: RFKILL status not available those 3 lines are odd and i do not remember them. My pi is not setup for this right now but I will have it all setup towmarrow and will comment back about those lines. Now it could be the driver but not sure... If i was to do this all over again I recompile the raspberry pi kernel to have the frag+ack attack and the negative one error patches for wifi compat driver ( the one atk9 uses) then I compile digi's hostapd from his webpage I have yet to really mess with white and blacklisting. edit: the errors he was have ended up being from commenting out a few lines in the config file -- I am normally always on google chat if anyone wants to discuss anything or ask questions
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