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  1. define not many people know how to use it... Most people don't use it but its nothing but a google away, plus i find a vz dump an easy way to boot your os in single user and own your data. As far as using amazon encryption set is a half and half deal. It is most likely secure but with them handling over 99 percent of it makes me worried, I would see if the source for it is open and tested to not have easy openings, Nothing beats a good encryption on your local machine done by you with the keys you choose as far as security in that sense. ( Dont write your key on a sticky note and hide it under your keyboard )
  2. I hope you guys have already modded to DD-wrt or Openwrt on those devices
  3. I would double check and try what digip says first. Then I am not sure, The Hakshop does a great job at taking care of the customers but I have no first experience on a return with them. I know sandisk will take care of it due to the fact that I have sent in 5 or 6 drives to them now. So its a up to you deal -- I feel like both are good options.
  4. I feel like you have one of the bad sandisk usb sticks -- there was a production run that went bad and quite a few people had the read only issue. Toss it into a normal computer and see if you can partition it again. If it fails -- call sandisk and get a replacement.
  5. No, You need to have the right wifi chipset which is atheros
  6. hhmm well i know sandisk had an issue a bit back. I have a bad PNY one -- i would just call them / rma it. the should send you out a new one pretty easily
  7. Do you have a sandisk flash drive? Did you purchase it in the last 9 months?
  8. ooo can anyone say lots of little hidden files. Could take forever to index that stuff
  9. I would hope any nuclear research facility would be running some kind of back up or something. Now I know there are stupid people everywhere I think the best way to mess with someone would not be blank there hard drive ( throws up a giant warning flag ) but to just modify a few section of a couple files ( takes forever to figure this out ). As an example what if someone changed a few resistors on the file for the rubber ducky -- Would you check that before getting it manufactured. this just reminds me of telling people new to linux rm -rf /
  10. Its like carrying around a hammer and breaking the screen, Whats the point other than destruction. I guess the hammer would be better because it doesn't need any privileges.
  11. sweet thank you for clearing it up. Cool part about using the teensy is you could write code to do it instead of having that huge list of numbers
  12. I am not 100 percent sure without testing but just use a reboot command and then pause the duck for how ever long the machine takes to reboot. your issue could be that when the mac reboots it resets the usb power which would reset the duck. If that is the case then you need to look at running the duck of outside power but then again you might have initiaztion issues when you plug it in. I do not have a duck to test with, I am using a teensy for this stuff
  13. I bricked a pineapple mk2 and cut that up for a case. But I would like to buy one of these http://pibow.com/ its the smallest case i could find and then you can set the colors i different orders to seperate your pis if you have more than one
  14. If you shutdown the computer, I want to say your going to be out of luck. Worth looking into more In the old days Mac keyboards had a power button on it, Now it is gone. I guess if you could find out what that button was and did you might be able to have it work then
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