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Does anyone know the method that uses Pandora to remember?


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Dude, ive been on this forum a while (near the begining) and ive seen the n00biest n00b posts, posted by a n00b who studied n00b at the university of n00b, yet the regulars on here are 99% of the time polite and point said n00b in the correct direction.

Yes, and sometimes you can even see nerds posting here, who studied nerdity at the nerd university of nerdern island (which is far better than the university of n00b imho!)...

Couldn't have said it better than you, wetelectric! :-)

(I should stop not-sleeping...)

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Actually, I am inclined to believe 'Hackling'.

I was very surprised as well when Pandora knew me after I had changed the hard drive in my machine!

As I am sure you know it is not at all impossible to get hardware information about a machine that's logging onto a server. Just takes a bit longer to code than a normal login, that's all. There is usually a good reason why it's done and I am not sure why the security at Pandora would need to be higher than average.

One thing speaking against this: I did actually copy SOME but not all data off my old hard drive (which had been damaged and would no longer boot).

I can't rememer anymore, but I think I copied the 'My documents' folder because a lot of important XP info (idiotically) gets stored there.

In addition - Flash can set cookies - they are not deleted at the same time as other cookies - not sure where they are stored. The way to flush them is through the flash console UI. So a flash cookie could be the explanation.

Hackling may have copied something over from his old installation, or re-installed something which he thought was insignificant.


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If you are not logged in though (prior to registering for the time it allows you to use it) your station prefrences are still remembered. Also, there's that one webpage... I don't remember what it's called but it tries to combine del.icio.us with pandora stations.

So each station seems to be stored seperately, and then it's got to either be cookies on your computer or IP and server-side before you actually have an account... I'd think cookies would be more likely though.

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First and foremost Pandora...


> DOES NOT USE YOUR IP for figuring out if you are the same user.

> IS CLIENT BASED. Thats why you can "rip" the music from it.

> Uses flash to play its content.

Secondly, this story about "formatting c:" and having remember your preferences along with your cable modem changing IPs at the same time is a LIE.

A CLEAN system WILL NOT Register to Pandora.

What Pandora does basically is:

1. Check local hard drive for its "special file". This is file is located in your personal folder (eg. C:Documents and Settings*USERNAME* or similar)

2. If not found it makes one.

3. Every time you login on your computer and go to Pandora it knows this is "Bob".

Anyone willing to argue? vyruswat@dodgeit.com -- give me a thought.

Anyone interested in finding the file can do so with a debugger or isolated environment tests.


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