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  1. The proxy method won't work for me neither... Neither with a web-based proxysite nor a real proxy server... :-( It's a shame! But I still believe there MUST be a way to bypass the blocking... And I hope that some clever person(s) will find it and publish it!
  2. http://hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=541...37ff9abafd37c4b
  3. Well I suppose when he says he doesn't have it on the page he likes to express that he cannot see it on the page! ;)
  4. I don't think you will receive answers faster if you post your issue three times (even if the second time was an accident!)! -.-
  5. 1. just edit the batch file to use the right path to your firefox.exe 2. the lastfm-timestamp-problem is known but has not yet been solved
  6. erm... it IS pandora, just with another skin...
  7. you could have tried the greasemonkey script before uninstalling flash 9!
  8. No it's not working with multiple instances as every instance will be saving the temporary files into the same folder and that will confuse PJ. And don't you think it's a bit greedy to want to get the music even faster? I think that has nothing to do with a music lover - much less of a use of PJ as time-shift app only - anymore...
  9. It doesn't work with Flash 9 (yet with CF7)! The greasemonkey script is just to prevent the "please update"-message while using Flsah 8! You still need Flash 8 (resp. the Flash switcher extension) installed! Just use the forum search with "greasemonkey" as keyword, searching only the pandora's jar forum!
  10. So how do you fix the "please update flash" message? With that firefox-plugin-file-trick?
  11. I got my PC back from repair (was using my laptop instead of the PC for half a year now until I found time to get my PC repaured) and installed Pandra's Jar. I was really dazzled when I found it not working properly, although the settings where similar to those on my laptop. It DID rip the mp3s, but not in the specified directory, but in a folder named 'unclassifieds', not being named with Artist - Title but with their MD5 checksum. I had installed PJ on another partition (E:/pandorarip), but it was a fresh installation, not just copied from the notebook. Just copied the default.properties over and adapted the path to E:/pandorarip. I than tried something I'd never have expected to do the trick: I installed to C:/pandora (like on my notebook, where PJ was working all the time) and adapted the path in the default.properties. And now it works like a charm! The only possible reason for this I can think is, that C:/pandora is is hardcoded somewhere, and therefore running PJ in another directory won't work. Maybe CF will have a look onto that issue or has another clue why this would happen... So for all those having troubles: Try using C:/pandora and setting mp3.archive.path=C:/pandora/ and please report if that worked out for you as well!
  12. well instead of using greasmonkey, you could just leave the "please update"-message as it is and run Pandora's Box. If it uses standard browser engine and not IE-engine by default, it will cache the files as usual and PJ should be able to rip... At least I suppose that, so please report if that works! ;)
  13. hmmm.... according to the log the file is copied properly, only without the CDDB info... did you try clicking on thegrad button several times after a while?
  14. Strange, indeed... I can't imagine a reason for the songs not being downloaded completely...
  15. Maybe your internet connection is a bit low because you are running a file sharing software?
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