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  1. Hmmm i don have it running , most of the time only my messenger is running . It is just so wierd ! :(
  2. I haven been getting it to work for 2 days after reading and trying out many times . If it is work the song and titles will get mix up with the previous song or the duration of the song is cut off . First of all : I am using those below : Newest version of Mozilla firefox Grease monkey flash switcher add on installed 8.0 r24 flashplayer Pandora jar ver 7.40 CF7 -------- When i play music from pandora both from the offcial website and jar . it pauses like every 3 seconds . it started like a day ago lastime it don happen . any one know what is going on ?
  3. Hey ! How do i auto grab from pandora ? :? Thanks in advance :P
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