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  1. if you have formatted your c: drive, the situation u describe is impossible. impossible is nothing... to begin with if anyone does not believe me, just take the time and make your own conclusions and don't treat me as if I was dumb-stupid, I know what I say. At this point I believe the only way they ARE doing this is by grabbing (somehow with actionscript or maybe a hidden script on another web scripting languaje) some hardware unique id's, like the cpu one or the hard disk one, or maube a combination of both. by the way, I always zero all data when formatting.
  2. is it so hard to understand?? Scenario: 1- I create a pandora account 2- I login and choose all my favorite artists 3- without preambles I format my c drive and reinstall everything from scratch. In the meanwhile, my calbe-modem changes it's ip 4- when i first browse the pandora webpage again (after haveing deleted everything on my driver (which includes cookies and browsing cache and everything)) it doesn't ask me for a login name nor a password. It directly loads my last session whith all my favorite artists. So: -it es definitely not a cookie (client side) because I have wiped everyth
  3. Even if they archive one's IP, that's not enough. There is something more.
  4. Definitly cookies, perhaps IP, but definitly cookies. No, it is not with cookies. I said that the session is remembered even after formatting c: and reinstalling windows
  5. Does anyone know the method that uses Pandora to remember one's session? It is incredible that it remembers one's session ever reinstalling all software on the computer, I think this should be done by grabbing some hardware serials, but I don't know exactly how.
  6. I realize that we all need to program some basic web code somewhen, so why not to have a fixed section on the show to talk about web-development code? just a suggestion
  7. I've just realized that the servers which host the episodes do not support resuming (asuming u use a download manager like GetRight). ¿Isn't this bad for bandwiidth?
  8. Can't be the browser, I've tried it both with firefox and IE. Can't be the server either. Are you sure it gives you the 4 alert messages each with different text??
  9. thank you so much, now at least I get the javascript alert messages, but I get alert number 1 repeated and on alert number 4 it gives me the exception "Error with request". ¿Could it be something with WAMP? Edit: I uploaded it into a real server and it throws me this error using IE: Line: 76 Char: 13 Error: Object required Code: 0
  10. yeah, I have run it with wamp, with no good results. I really wouldn't like to get you in the trouble of doing that just for me, thax for your help anyway.
  11. The ajax notes with Jon are missing. Could someone post the if it ain't too much trouble?? (I've tried copying them from the video, but I can't get them to work. thx. By the way... ¿What is Jon's full name??
  12. Could the shownotes of episode 1x05 be posted please if it ain't too much trouble? thanx
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