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  1. If you are not logged in though (prior to registering for the time it allows you to use it) your station prefrences are still remembered. Also, there's that one webpage... I don't remember what it's called but it tries to combine del.icio.us with pandora stations. So each station seems to be stored seperately, and then it's got to either be cookies on your computer or IP and server-side before you actually have an account... I'd think cookies would be more likely though.
  2. Why does Firefox save the files? Do the files get stored somewhere if you use IE too? What is the reason that the two handle the player differerently? Sorry if this seems noobish, I was just trying to understand why this is even possible, and also why the naming seems and placement seems so randomly. (In the Temp directory) Also, has anyone else had the files in the Temp directory as access-# before?
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