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I have had my pineapple for a little bit now, and I never really used the WPS button for anything.

Now I actually want to start using it, so I threw up a little test script that will start dns spoofing as such:

php /www/pineapple/dnsspoof/startdnsspoof.php

Anyways, I pushed and held the button for a couple of seconds, and it does not seem to be running the user-defined script?

Is it working for you guys? I'm worried I may have a hardware issue.

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set the WPS button to execute the command reboot to test if it's a hardware issue ;)

Nope. I just tried that and it did not work.

I also tried this

touch /tmp/wpsButtonPressed

and there was no such file. I have no idea why this wouldn't work. I haven't done anything too crazy with the pineapple(besides editing the contents of /tmp and /www/)

I have no idea what to do..

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Good Morning

I have the button module installed and I can see how to set it up to reboot, run karma etc. My question is how do I get the button to run Legends massive deauth script? Do I have to place it in a specific folder? I set the menu to "run custom script"....then what?

Thanks Guys

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