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  1. I have been tinkering with remotes around the house. It was amazing when I was able to record, decode, and replay the signal from the remote I use to control lights in my house so of course I moved on to other remotes. I am now trying my garage door opener as inside it has 11 dip switches and thought it would be another easier one to crack. When I record the signal it looks nothing like what is shown on the episodes. It has 11 sections matching 11 DIP switches, but I cannot tell what is 1 or what is 0. I also have been using RTL_433 in hopes of it auto detecting the binary/hex from the wav forms. Any help is appreciated. Hoping to buy a HackRF soon. Attached is the wav output I have been trying to decode. form.wav
  2. I bought a 64mb version and it didnt comes with a boot loader or firmware, where can i get it
  3. Anyone else running into issues with previous working modules on 2.6.3/2.6.4 such as network manager going to its own page without the toolbar and showing nothing, others work, but will go to its own page without the main toolbar. It took 3 tries to install reaver using the reaver module, or at least for it to pick it up being installed on the first try. I may end up back on 2.6.4 just to get the modules back in working order, i use quite a few.
  4. v2 i mainly saw an Open Mesh OM1P router being used, v3 was on an Alfa AP51 which are still sold and you can find then via Google
  5. FYI the current firmware only will run on a Alfa Hornet-UB PCB board or Alfa AP121U router that has the same board inside.
  6. im on 2.6.3 and having the exact same issue. Ill try the network manager.
  7. I ordered my DIY Pineapple hardware from another place i found off Google Shopping, i think i paid a lil over 40$ for just the router. I cant remember where since ive had it for a couple months.
  8. im going to try 2.6.3 and downgrade if i run into any issues
  9. hows the 2.6.3 firmware? When updating via the GUI it jumped to 2.6.3
  10. OK, thanks seb, will upgrade via OTA now. I never upgraded since, knock on wood, i had no issues and everything has been working great, im in the middle of testing the WPS scripts i made with the button module installed, i installed it, but havent had a chance to see if the button module overwrites what i did under config with the initial WPS button option that came stock.
  11. The booklet listed a module and pages you can download to get a PHP interface, but i cant seem to find them anywhere. Which firmware version did they start being a part of? Im happy on 2.3.1 so i havent upgraded past this version. Booklet Page 35
  12. i flashed a Hornet once, it stung me in the arse
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