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It seems your comp is getting past post, and then fails. Then it's probably a software problem. I could be wrong but to me it sounds like either your hdd isn't connected properly, the windows install is borked, or your entire hdd is borked.

Check all connections (and I mean ALL connections in the box) and if they're all correct but still no progress, try another hdd and see if that boots. If not the problem is else where.

Like I said, I could be wrong though. I'm sure Sparda has a better idea.

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Grab a copy of MemTest86.

This free tool comes as an ISO for a bootable floppy, CD or memory stick, and will continuously test your system's memory by writing bit patterns to it and reading them back again. Highly recommended.

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Not really, when you install windows it sets itself up for your hardware, so when you take the disk and stick it in different hardware, it can't talk to it anymore. There is probally some fancy way around this limitation (over to you sparda...), as you can do it in *nix, but if you want it done fast, and its windows... fuck it and reinstall.

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Yeah, anything older than Windows XP (I think, anyways) can talk to the hardware but will require new drivers for everything...

For XP, MS introduced an anti-piracy measure and now even if Windows could start on the computer you swap the drive to, it won't.. it'll jusr BSoD because MS have coded it to not start if it doesn't match what it's expecting...

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