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What do you prefer ???  

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Dunno where to find them.

Answer to the poll:

Whenever I try to write a good tut, I always Include as many images as I can. If I knew a simple way to make vid tuts, I would. Text tutorials may be small, portable, and hastle free (Don't get me wrong, I love them). But alot of times, I read tutorials that are not specific enough, or even make you have to read another tutorial to get up to that skill level.

Video tutorials show you exactly what to do. Thats why I prefer them. It takes thinking out of the equation.

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Depends a lot on what you're trying to explain.

A for-loop doesn't become clearer with an image IMHO. GUI programming without screenies that show what the effect of the code is on the other hand are probably pretty much impossible.

Look at the issue at hand and see if images aid to the explanation or not. Like with the latest Hak.5 ep. Do you really need to see Wess cutting up the boards to make the cabinet?

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I'm afrade to post this one, becasue I bet tomorrow lots of locks smiths will be called out... any way...


I tried buying a set off of ebay a couple weeks back. But it seems eBay labeled them as illegal after I had made my purchase. They werent shipped yet so of course i got a full refund. But i was so disappointed. I never really tried to get another set. i guess its just cuz it was convient and right there on eBay. If anyone knows how I can still buy a set for around $15.... i'd be interested :-)

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google 'Tkinter video tutoral' this one guy (acutally on the official python site) made a pretty great set (like 18) videos explaining Tkinter for Python. I its really well made.

ps. i think the guys name he che if that helps the google

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