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Hak Tips Are Great


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I have been following Hak.5 for years now. I enjoy your shows and have learned a lot.

But your Hak Tips have really set a new, high standard. They are really first rate productions. Wow!

In my work, I have made some training videos for programmers. My production standards are much lower than yours, contain only screen recordings and slides, and I don't have to make it entertaining (but I still try). Even without those requirements, I find it extremely challenging to teach even the simplest concept in a recorded video.

So my hat is off to you. The Hak tips have first rate content, they are thorough, and they are entertaining. I know these are going to position you guys as *the* IT authorities of new media. I hope you get rich doing it.

Along the way you are doing a great service for people like me.

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Thanks Dan, we really appreciate hearing that. I'm very excited to have launched the new show along with Shannon and Paul.

The format lends itself perfectly to--as we say--concepts, tools and techniques. We resisted the green screen on Hak5 for years until finally it made sense.

I feel that this type of content was needed and yet never quite fit perfectly into the relaxed format that is Hak5. I hope that with HakTip we can continue to inspire, teach and share our love for technology.


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Couldn't agree more with Dan, I have learned so much with the Hak5 segments throughout these years and now with the Hak5 tips can't express how much more I have learned.

They may be short in duration but honestly they really get to the bottom of things, great work Darren keep it up.

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