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  1. got some fellow chivers on here too.. awesome.
  2. people are afraid of what they don't understand.
  3. i figured his reasoning for using the SFF dell was to keep power use down.
  4. that Dell SX280 can only take a max of 2gb
  5. i'll have to give MySQL another look. always looking to learn new things. i just like to re-purpose the crap out of everything until something else comes along. i had a SFF optiplex gx620 i used for watching videos on my tv, the only real thing it was good for was a space heater. gave that one to my sister.
  6. yeah that's pretty much what i figured. probably just let it sit in the garage till i forget about it.
  7. well iv'e had this machine sitting on a shelf for years. ever since i got into building pc's and the fact that this thing is ancient (still uses pc-133 ram). forget what cpu it has in it maybe a 1.8ghz with 768mb ram. i know it's not worth anything and selling it is not really an option as i wouldn't get much if anything from it. i'm gonna pick up a kill-a-watt thing to measure how much it pulls from the wall and i guess from there i can decide if it get's turned into a router/firewall. any other possible uses for it guys?
  8. when i bought my alfa last year it came with a 5dbi and a 9dbi antenna. same antenna that came with my alfa. http://www.amazon.com/Alfa-Screw-Swivel-Antenna-Linksys/dp/B003RV4AYQ i've been using the 9dbi one and it does a good job picking up signals i wouldn't otherwise see.
  9. i planned on drilling and tapping the metal plate in the middle and mounting the tripod to that. most of the tripods have a little quick release clip that pops off and then you screw that to the camera and mount the whole thing to the tripod. the one i bought looks like it's all one piece but even with that i have a bigger tripod i bought for my camera a few years back.
  10. yep sure looks like the same one. i found this site through google shopping search for "16dBi Yagi Antenna" before they started selling them at the hak5 store. http://www.suntekstore.com/goods.php?id=10010009&utm_source=gbus&utm_campaign=gbus tripod this one seems to be a generic tripod not tied to any type of camera http://www.suntekstore.com/goods-10002025-Mini+Extendable+Tripod+59+to+83+inch+-+Silver.html search with the term "tripod" there are more tripods like the one i got but they seem to be tied to camera brands. http://www.suntekstore.com/search.php?encode=YTozOntzOjg6ImNhdGVnb3J5IjtzOjE6IjAiO3M6ODoia2V5d29yZHMiO3M6NjoidHJpcG9kIjtzOjE4OiJzZWFyY2hfZW5jb2RlX3RpbWUiO2k6MTMyMzE4MDMyMjt9 i'll probably go the drill and tap route to mount the tripod to the bracket on the antenna. EDIT this is the alfa setup i bought last year http://www.amazon.com/Alfa-802-11b-Wireless-Original-9dBi/dp/B001O9X9EU/ref=sr_1_7?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1323180817&sr=1-7
  11. since the yagi's are out of stock in the hack5 store i found somewhere else to order from and got a cheap $4 camera tripod to go with it. i'll try it out on the alfa i already have when the antenna gets here. i have the standard 9dbi antenna that came with the alfa i have been using. works pretty good.
  12. Actually rather than using a full blown pc for this i was thinking of picking up one of those tiny atom/apu based pc's. something you could throw a couple gigabit nic;s in. the only thing other than the old dfi board i got is some hot ass P4's. i was messing around with clear os the other day on a sff dell i got but being that it's got a P4 520 it acts more like a space heater.
  13. here's mineMy link if anyone needs an invite let me know or if they finally went to open sign up then that's cool.
  14. anyone have an invite they wanna send my way. did the keep me posted thing a few weeks back but nothing from that let me know and i'll send you my gmail email
  15. i think by scanning the device means going through the x-ray scanner to see if you made an ordinary laptop into a bomb not actually scanning the data drives.
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